Trostianets arboretum

October 16, 2012

This time we went to Trostianets which is a veeery tiny village in Chernigivska oblast and the only site there is the Arboretum.

A little historical note: “One of the most beautiful landscape parks of Ukraine was founded in the XIX century by the successor of the old hetman Skoropadsky family. The project was developed by a gardener K. Shlinglof. On a flat plot of land were piled artificial mountains (up to 30 m), reminiscent of the Alps, pits turned into ponds. First trees planted were native species of pine, spruce, birch, and oak. Then, in an artificially created landscape exotic species were planted: white pine, siberian spruce, siberian cedar, black pine, hemlock, juniper, etc. Total 623 species. Work continued until Skoropadsky death in 1887. He was buried in the park, on the monument is inscribed: “Dear passer! Garden, where you walk was planted by me, and it served me comfort in my life. If you catch a mess, leading to the destruction of it, please notify the park’s owner: you’ll do this park good”.

The easiest way to get there is by car or buy a guided tour. Here is a very detailed article about Trostianets (in Russian). There is not too much to do do rather that walk around and enjoy the beauty of the nature that was carefully maintained by humans. We also stopped to have a picnic on the grass. The interactive map of the park.

A walk round the park took us roughly 3 hours.

You can feed the swans there – but be careful – these guys are used to fight for their food :)

And on the way back (it’s right to the left of the entrance) there is a cypress alley – stunning!

Trostianets wildlife

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