Kiev organ hall

September 30, 2012

Yesterday I took my Grandmother out for a classical music concert at the National hall of organ and chamber music (it is by the way an acting Catholic church). The program was Hanna Bubnova playing organ and fantastic Olga Basystiuk singing.

I was looking forward to hear Olga Basystiuk since her performances are so rare and apparently the most expensive in the venue (the price rane for the regular show is €4-10, this one was €17, which is still very cheap for Kiev). My story with the Organ hall started 24 years ago when I was born – I lived in my Grandma’s house across the street. Then I went to school two blocks away from it, then to another – some 5 blocks away and then to the University right next to the Hall. Now the problem was that I haven’t been to a single show untill I came back from Germany and guilt was rapidly accumulating. This was the third visit since then and I spontaneously decided to take my lovely Granny out. It was amazing. Olga Basystiuk has been the soloist of the Organ hall since 1984 and has numerous rewards and titles. Her voice is unique and the smile so sincere. It was such huge pleasure to the both of us – a must visit if you like classical music.

Here’s a good article (in Russian) about the Hall. You can book your tickets here and pick them up before the show.

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