Kosiv Saturday Market

July 9, 2012

Kosiv is a small city not far from Sheshory. It is famous for its craftsmen, artists and the big market. There is a market every day but the locals go there on Saturday when the prices get lower. If you want to buy souvenirs -better do it on a Saturday – quite a lot of Ukrainian souvenirs are sold here at the super-affordable prices.

Here’s the location:

Kosiv market

Kosiv Market

Kosiv market

You can buy anything from fabric for vyshyvanka to a horse.

For instance we bought this nice handmade plate for some  €23


And a beautiful home-sewn carpet made of goat wool for just €18 (the old lady said 19 at first, our jaws dropped, and she thought it was too expensive and lowered the price for us!)


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