Kiev Street Food Festival

November 12, 2013

Meantime in Kiev.. I am currently visiting home, Anton is in DR filming Afest and I thought I might as well jump on a plane and go home for a couple of weeks. It’s beautiful! A bit gloomy, late Autumn-ish, but nevertheless beautiful.

And, oh, the food! Kiev is turning to be quite fun in terms of indie-happenings, festivals and other fun events. This weekend I checked out the 4th Kiev Street Food Festival. You see, we don’t have that much of good street food in Kiev just yet, so this event is great to showcase the variety of small companies and food makers.

It was a huge tent on a parking lot of a mall, a lot of small stalls with food, coffee, pastries of all kinds and sorts. A bit crowded, a bit loud, just perfect for the busy festival like this.

I really like the coffee culture here. Have a look at the different making techniques we saw on the festival.

Aero Press:

(these gys also had 3 others machines, as you can see on the video)

Turkish coffee:

(I still like my good old Moka pot I use as a sacred morning workout essential. If only you knew how much coffee I’m bringing to KL this time…)

And the Kurtosh Kalach – my favourite Hungarian pastry (though in Hungary they are longer, softer and you peel off the dough):

Soon there will be a food fest in KL, can’t wait to go and compare!

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