Buky park

July 4, 2012

Perfect for a weekend drive – only 140 km from Kiev is Buky (pronounced ‘boo-kee) park, which is not too well known but absolutely worth it!

Buky bark

Here is a blog post (in Russian) about Buky – the first time I heard about it. In two words – it’s a park built on the banks of the Rostavytsa river by a local enterpreneur Mr.Suslow (who actually lives there). He built the park and the church which is open for visitors every Friday through Sunday till 5pm. Free entry, there is a WC for 2UAH and a small souvenir shop together with a tiny food court.

Buky bark

Buky bark

The park is said to be finished in 5 years, there’s a fountain that people say comes from Maidan in Kiev (the central square – the fountain was demolished for the grand reconstruction), but the rumors are Mr.Suslov took it and renovated.

The church complex of St.Eugene is beautiful. Very uncommon for the Orthodox architecture.

The bridge which is at the same time a small dam is usually full with water running ON it. But this time it was too hot I guess and the water was low.

Buky bark

Buky bark

It’s the Suslovs family residence is on the other side.

There’s also an alcove with a story – the statue of an angel holds the stone which comes from Israel, presumably from the place where Jesus blessed the water. It’s beleived to be a good sign if you ask him to bless your new family (newlyweds come there and leave a coin – both rituals – pray and leave a coin, just to be on the safe side).

There are three frogs in bronze – “for happiness”, “for wealth” and the third “for health” – I don’t know what one should do to grant more of one or another, people tend to hug them and make a wish. And drop coins.

There was also a small zoo, but we didn’t go.


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