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Where to shop in Brighton

June 9, 2010

The opportunities are endless!

Eating on a display

I actually don’t know why I’m listing those things here – is anyone likely to go to Brighton any time soon? No? Well, then I’m wasting my time :-)

So there were:

The open studios

The Open Studios on the beach front facing the sea.

Basically different artists sit together and work in variable techniques (enameling, pottery, paperwork, glass jewelry) and you can come in, take a look and buy something you like. We did.

Then there’s the best shoe store on Earth – softest leather from Brazil (?), as Vogue said “Whilst in Brighton North Laines a visit to Yoma Boutique is a must! A treasure trove of the most stylish shoes, bags, and clothes. Not to be missed!”. They said it.

And the Appendage store with handmade goods (36 Kensington Gardens). If you’re into handmade you’ll get out of there with dozens ideas to note down.

And last but not least the Cream Tea:

Cream Tea

with their best cakes cut so perfectly that it still makes me wonder – what kind of knife do you need to cut a blueberry like that?

What a sharp knife!

Cream Tea

Thank you and until next post – cheers!

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  • Georges

    I love the pictures, but I’d love to have a chance to see more. The cake is awesome! And me, personally, I’m more into urban pictures like in your prev post. I love it when you make some awesome pictures of the city and it’s specialities, that interesting to follow too. But I’m sure that there is plenty of people who’d love to see your pictures of some really cool stuff like this boutiques and little shattered shops.
    And once more. I LOVE that blackberry pie. Or I should say a cheesecake?

    • Thank you for sincerity <3 And you can say blueberry cheesecake (at least that's what they called it)

  • annastr

    цікаво ж)

    • дякую! буду. обов’язково тепер