April 21, 2010

Back in February I went for a business trip to the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain. Lots to tell, lots to show!


I had 5 days of work and took 2 more days to see a bit of around. With my luck I got sick right after I stepped out of the conference venue (those conferences and exhibitions ARE exhausting). So all my reflections of Barcelona are taken through the dim blur of fierce cough and fewer (trust me it’s not as sophisticated as it may sound). So yes, for the 2 days of the stay I moved to the Hostel One Sants (they don’t have their own website otherwise I’d have linked – totally recommend the place – great location, friendliest staff!). It’s the white building on the picture below:

HostelOne Sants

Since I had a hop-on-hop-off bus ticket from a colleague of mine (we shared it – if you buy it for 2 days it’s cheaper than buying 2 one-day tickets – that’s how it works ;-)  I simply had to take it.


There are 2 bus tours available and they’re almost identical. Basically how it works: you choose a route and you can take off at any stop, wander around and hop back on 30 min  later (varies on the day, route etc) – there are a couple of buses on each route.

With my luck I took one route twice (fever to blame) and by the time I took the other route, the day was almost over and I totally had no mood to hop off anywhere. AND it started raining too.


Back to the bus.

hop-on-hop-off bus

This roof comes off on sunny days, by the way. They give you the map, headset and some other goodies (like discounts and stuff). The route map is particularly helpful – you don’t have to listen to the audio guide if you don’t want to – everything’s in the booklet. And right now I’m using it for sites reference.

Briefly about the sites that impressed me the most:



Platja Bogatell

The sea. I must admit I’ve never seen a sea in winter and it had been on my wish list for ages. Living in a port town must be amazing. The next day I went all the way from Plaza Cataluna to the sea – the breeze magically cured me. For a couple of hours though, but still!


The Abgar tower. This huge cucumber is stuffed with offices and glows in the dark – now how cool is that?

city tour Agbar tower

Naturally, Sagrada Familia. I’ve heard it’s under construction, but I’ve never imagined it’s that way under construction. It’s like a huge nest of cranes and other heavy machinery. That’s where gothic meets urban.

Sagrada Familia

(I must say I somehow knew Barcelona would be a good picture hunt. Even in winter)

Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia

The atmosphere. It’s tropical, urban and gothic, all at the same time (even though I must admit I’d never want to actually live in Barcelona, it’s just not me).

If you’re in Barcelona, try tacos, shoe and jewellery shopping, Gaudi buildings, downtown bars, the seafront, Parc de Montjuic and some more tacos.


And some useful links (were useful for me, I free myself of responsibility if somebody doesn’t find those as such. Neither am I advertising any of those for any profit. Unfortunately):


This picture is very symbolic – it’s the best description to my travels ;-)

Stay tuned for more posts – Munich spring festival, Würzburg and much more (if the volcano keeps calm and I fly where planned, fingers crossed).

Came&Went, see ya!