Volcano (or how it happened to me)

May 15, 2010

Well, most of you know what had happened. I’ll post it here anyway, because it’s a travel experience I want to share in both languages (read it in Russian).

So I’ve been to Bucharest last week and had to initially depart to Munich on Monday morning. Well, not so fast, thought “here insert the correct one – The Guy above, Mother Nature, Evil Eyjafjallajökull”. The volcano sneezed once again and the news were looking bad. It was Sunday morning.

So naturally I started panicking – I know way too many people who were stuck in all various places and boy, I didn’t want to be stuck in Romania. No offense, it would have been better have I been legal there. Yep, I had no visa (who would have thought I’d need a visa there – apparently the residence permit allows to travel Schengen, but not EU – so dumb). It was pure luck and major misunderstanding they let me in. So the idea of being stuck and being arrested at the same time was too much to bear.

When I got to the airport on Sunday afternoon it was already very depressing – Italy was closed and you could feel this mood of doors (read: airports) shutting one by one. At the Lufthansa counter they offered to re-book me for a 5pm flight with some enormous re-booking fee. If I haven’t had the cash I’d end up in a better situation that I am now, but it happened how it happened. I booked the flight and started waiting. And when it was time to announce the boarding, they said this:

So with no definite explanation we were all put in a bus and being driven back to the main area of the airport. Hi Lufthansa, we’re back to what we started – could you please re-book me again? Now I wish it was all that fast and easy as it may sound. You should add a couple of hours waiting time to each step, constant phone calls home and lots of effort not to loose your mind. By the time I reached the counter, Salzburg and Stuttgart were closed as well. No chance to get anywhere in Germany that day. So I asked “Could you book me to Kiev through Vienna then?”. I don’t know why, don’t ask, it just felt as a reasonable thing to do – Germany was slowly but surely shutting down, I was super low on cash, knowing the last shut-down it all could have lasted for days and I couldn’t stay in Romania, no no. The counter guy couldn’t figure out such reasoning that fast so he just booked me. For 5 am the following morning.

3 am, back to the airport. Now here I have to say something about bad luck in the most ironic way. There IS such thing. It’s frustrating and makes you happy at the same time. Guess what? Munich re-opened! Everything was miraculously back to normal! In just one night.

So I got back to Munich by the initial schedule, BUT with no money left, 2 sleepless nights, 3 chances of being imprisoned (that’s how many times I had to pass passport control), shaky hands till Tuesday and the phone bill I’m scared to look at.

The moral of this story – well, I still can’t figure it out. Honestly, I don’t know what I have to learn here. Would be very grateful if someone could help me out.

And if you have the similar experience, let’s please talk about it.

(the good news is that that’s all for the sad part – lot’s of new sunny posts coming up, so stay tuned)

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