Bucharest, Romaniaaaw

June 10, 2010

It’s hard to write about Bucuresti now, after all the adventures I had.

And somehow I have mostly pictures of concrete buildings that look very soviet. I don’t know. I’m Ukrainian. Concrete building don’t shine their authenticity to me. Well, I won’t try to form any prejudice here, just the facts.

You won’t read much about Bucharest in travel blogs neither there’s much online in general. It was my first trip ever with no research beforehand. I just came. Wrong! Have I read anything about Bucharest I would have probably gone out exploring rather then staying home scared for the whole day till the locals rescued me.

Bucharest is a very big, spacious city. Huge buildings which remind me of “Khrushevki” in Kiev. Actually if you take Kiev, leave out the beautiful ancient¬†sights, take a bit of greenery out as well, rewind it 50 years and add some depression in the air, you’ll get the Romanian capital. Oh, and wires. Everywhere – the sky is black with hanging wires. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Again, I don’t want to sound rude – I don’t have anything against Bucharest. It’s pure facts here. Like this one:

What do you think that could be?

No, not a nest on a stick, and no, it’s not a giant Shashlik left-over. That’s something called a Pyramid of Victory. I’m serious:

We also saw the police show-off

It was Europe day by the way

All in all it was nice. Bucharest has something Mediterranean about it – the lazy spanish-like gardens, a little shabby, very warm and loud. Everything is cheap, hairdressers are good, taxis is the main means of getting around (the public transportation stops running at 11pm). An amazing flea market. A big expat community and great friendly people.

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