My Norway – part 2. Oslo

September 25, 2009

What can I say? Oslo is beautiful. And expensive totally welcoming :-)

Even though it was chilly and windy for the regular August, the shining sun and blue sky made the day. Too bad it was only one day.

Norway 16 via Norway 10 via

Here are my top 5 tips for Oslo-in-1-day

  1. Buy the daily Oslo pass – museums, public transportation, parking included. A great chance to save in such an expensive student-friendly city.
  2. Go to the Nobel Peace Center. And leave a “leaf note” on the tree.
  3. Take a ride on a ferry to the Fram, Kon-Tiki and The Viking Ship museums, instead of taking a bus – amazing views!
  4. Eat the Oslo cheeseburger. I don’t know how they cook it, but it was the best cheesburger in my life…
  5. Take a round ride on a tram. Just get in on the random stop, go all the way to the last one and then go back. That’s how I saw the different Oslo.

And, in order to prove those tips worthy, here are some visual impressions. The ferry ferry stop at the main square. Turn right and you’ll see:

Norway 11 via

The Nobel Peace Center (but you have to go inside to see this particular thing)

Norway 12 via

The ferry. Who cares about the the views…  (I was much more interested in the captain’s desktop mess…)

Norway 13 via


Norway 14 via

The tram is somewhere there :-)

Norway 15 via

And of course. A MUST! The Vigeland sculpture park is a separate story. It’s more that the most famous sight in Oslo. Many people think that the Monolith is all there is.

Norway 17 via

Well poor old Vigeland would have “appreciated” that since he spent his entire life on it. He designed the sculptures, the layout of the park and every single detail about it has been thoroughly thought over.

The official site has more story, I won’t go into much detail.


I’ve been there. I fell in love with Norway. I will definitely go there again and again. I mean, I have to – I left a note in the Peace Center. It’s even more powerful than tossing a coin in a fountain. Right? RIGHT!?!

Norway 18 via

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