Windows of Amsterdam

September 1, 2009

I have a confession to make: I really love peeping into people’s windows. Is it bad? I mean the majority of people look down or straight ahead when they walk, right? I like looking up.

Here are a few of the great windows of Amsterdam I spied during the city tour.

The windows of Amsterdam are quite amazing – you get all the varieties of styles and shapes. The reason for that is probably because the government owns all the facades of Amsterdam buildings, so nobody can to alter them. You can do anything you like to the interior, but the exterior has to stay the way it was originally designed. Taking my hat off with admiration.



And of course flowers. Flowers everywhere.

Windows of Amsterdam Untitled

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  • Ashok Debnath

    Hi Olya!!!!!!

    I think normally human being are probably very excited towards the new place that they are travelling or bring by somebody. So human being are very curious about the new things that are facing as a part of their life.

    For an instance when you first time first time purchase camera you are probably I guess more excited about the functionality and how you gonna use it, so you are investigating more often to your camera. Same is the case when you first time traveling to any country or even I am being traveling to different country I/You will more excite about how the people lives their life, how they dress?? Hence So forth many question ? And the Solution for our question is to look around the things. So peeping into other people’s windows is resolving our inside curiosity.

    • Hi Ashok,
      that is an interesting point of view ) thanks )

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  • Janvi

    hahahahaha!! Interesting insight ;)

    The windows were definitely different! and that brilliant camera did catch some interesting things inside the windows!! :)

    See u at home! <3

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