November 28, 2009

It was rather spontaneous. We were quite busy up to the day when the flight was scheduled, so the planning itself happened on the way to the airport.


So, Milan in 1 day. 1,5 days to be exact – we wanted to go to Venice as well, but there was a railway strike of some sort and there were no trains. This is what we (the 2 girls) did:



Well, of course, what else? The most popular sight in Milan. The inside is rather fascinating, a nice wedding location I think ^_^

But not many people know that one cat get on top of it and walk on the roof of Duomo. If you go to the left and walk around the cathedral a little, you’ll probably notice 2 lines – one big and one small (but only if you come before lunch and weather permitting).

The long line is for the elevator. 7 (or 8 ) Eur. While the small one is for… correct – the stairs. 5 Eur (oh, bloody merchants!). And we did the stairs. It wasn’t too bad and you feel rather proud for having wasted 5 bucks in such an elegant and sporty way :-)

When you get on top you’ll see this:

On top

On top


ZARA Milan

Then we ate some ice cream  and went to the Sacred Temple – the Zara store. In Milan. The headquarters of affordable awesomeness (I’m exaggerating here, but Zara is my top-favourite among those apparel stores). I thought Düsseldorf had the best selection ever. Well, not till I got to Milan. Girls, it’s the best it can get. Trust me, I tried Budapest, Berlin, Munich, Kiev, Düsseldorf, Seattle and Chicago – and it is nothing in comparison to this one).

Take the entrance hall:

Milan Zara

Taking pictures was not allowed. Strictly. But well, I just risked my camera taken by a muscular guard, but now I have a good heritage to boast about to my grandchildren.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Moving on, I should also say a couple of words about Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which is to the left of Duomo:

Galleria Vittorio

Inside you’ll find shops, fancy dining places, MacDonald’s which looks like some Michelin-starred-restaurant and beautiful marble floors.

Galleria Vittorio

But there is something special about those floors. If you examine them carefully, you may find the Torino’s bull with a peculiar detail, which can be used for granting yourself good luck. Now, what I someway understood was that there should have been a BALL, so I was furious to find this:

Torino bull

And was quite sad about it all – someone stole the thing! No luck now. Life suddenly lost sense.  But now, as I was writing this, it turned out that it’s the way it’s supposed to be – the bull is misfortunate by default. And you should spin YOURSELF around having a heel there.  How bad… Now I feel double-unlucky, and veeery stupid… It would teach me to be more accurate in planning the trip and doing a more proper research online :-(

There are more things to do of course, but we were just too lazy, so after hours of exhausting shopping studying the local sights, went to the park:



So just a couple of useful tips about Milan:

  • Shops are open on Sundays
  • There’s a siesta time (around 3:30-6pm), which is mostly for bars and restaurants. Even the Chinese ones are closed at this time… (though the dictionary defines siesta as “a rest or nap, usually taken in the early afternoon, as in hot countries”. Damn! It was 5pm, late cool October and not even a place to have dinner…)
  • The train system is not as scary as it looks and quite cheap too – 5,50 Eur for the 48-hours-all-kinds-of-public-transportation-ticket
  • Pizza is good
  • Coke is expensive
  • People are well-dressed
  • Italian is the language I totally adore and want to learn to speak  (and it would be quite handy – the Italians are not the most English-friendly nation I know)

And that’s basically it :) I bought a watch, cardigan and some other small-yet-vital things.

Thanks for reading me. Talk to you soon!

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