Beautiful Florence

July 8, 2012

Florence was friendly and met me with warm weather, good food and beautiful architecture.

This time I was too lazy to carry my big camera around, so all photos are made with an iPhone (I apologize in advance if they don’t fit your screen).


Of course there’s David (looking angry in the direction of Rome),


and the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge,


the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore,

and Boboli gardens.


But there’s so much more than that! We saw the local artist – amazing work on the detail. Too bad it rained some 40 minues later.

We also went to small private shops with useless but fancy things, like writing tools in this one.

I loved this local brand of watches – Fullspot – you can choose the strap and a dial in any color, or maybe more than one and have fun matching. They have 3 sizes – small, medium and large. In case you’re wondering what your size is – S is for children, M – for pretty much everyone, L – for larger arms. Plus they stretch. Oh I need one now!


The leather is the signature product – you’ll bump into stores with handbags, shoes and gloves on every corner downtown Florence. I tried these on – feels like the second skin. Now I’m wondering why didn’t I buy a pair or two… Ah, right, ridiculously low budget trip…


And food.. Pizza was very good. I can’t say it was an eye-roll “I’ve never tried a better pizza in my life”, but it was definitely good. And I spotted that everyone drinks Aperol Spritz.


Gelato – a very good ice cream! They have those little shops where the owner is usually at the counter, giving you generous portions of a truly good home-made gelato. One scoop was roughly €1,30. I chose my flavours by looking for the least filled tin – that I thought was be the most popular taste. (worked all the time!)



Ciao, Italia! I’ll miss you.

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