Würzburg and Veitshöchheim

May 16, 2010

You’re probably thinking “why those places?”, well first of all I think it’s fun to go places which foreigners can’t pronounce right. Second of all (and it’s a new concept of mine) everybody goes to London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Rome etc. It’s a must. And there’s this thought that you will go there someday anyway. That’s how I choose my destinations: “When else will I have the guts to go to…”, so far this led me to South Dakota -> Alaska -> 3 towns in Norway in 2 days -> small German towns -> Bucharest, Romania (and I have a crazy wish to go to Albania and Vietnam someday).

This post will be different – no story, only pictures and a list of things to do.

Würzburg panorama

Würzburg is a beautiful town with a great number of students. Of things I enjoyed the most were the castle, the boat ride to Veitshöchheim, wine cellar, bars and student gatherings and the spirit of the town itself. Würzburg is 3 hours by train from Munich and you can use the Bavarian ticket there – good deal! I’ve seen many hotels and hostels, but even a one-day trip can fit the most sightseeing.

  • Fortress Marienberg is the landmark – you’ll see it from if not everywhere in Würzburg, you should climb upstairs – there’s the best panorama you can get (the top picture). And it’s beautiful at night.


  • Take a boat to Veitshöchheim (oh I just love that almost every German town has it’s own website in English – my whole country doesn’t have any). It will be like in a toy town – amazing feeling, like you jumped back to the times of kings.

  • And of course the wine cellar Bürgerspital (how great – they’re also online – I don’t have to do a thing – just to link and show-off my pictures :-)


If you take a tour they show you most of the rooms, different kinds of production and explain the whole process of wine making. The packing station of theirs was  love at first sight – I found my dream job!
Packing station

  • The main city transport are buses and trams – you can’t get lost there. Just walk around and enjoy the sunny day.

Cathedral Wuerzburg


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