Things I’ll miss in Munich

July 30, 2010

It’s been 30 days since I moved back to Kiev. In those 30 days I have successfully applied for the Master program, found a job and did many other exciting things I’m celebrating now.

It’s hard to stop in the whirlwind of events and thoughts, but I want to make a small list of things I’m missing already from my Munich life.

  • which at any time of the day tells you how to get places and is so accurate I still think it’s magic. We don’t have anything like that here. I’m thinking I should leave the house 20 min earlier just to be on the safe side and catch that bus.
  • Dallmayr – the lovely chocolate treats.. mmm…
  • Cycling. Miss it… A lot… Can’t. Do. It. In. Ukraine. I guess that was one of the “living in Europe, riding around on a low-frame bike with a basket in front, with flowers and baguettes in it, having a dress on and a straw hat” kind of dream. I lived it. Done.
  • I also honestly miss online banking when everything is easy. And online shopping when everyone ships to your country, your money is already in Euros, no converting fees, delivery delays and “sorry, Ukraine-where? I don’t  think we ship there – is that in the United States at all?” (over-exaggerating here, but it’s close to reality)
  • I also miss Yohannes’ studio and all those wonderful bead stores. Apparently we have the same thing here, but it’s expensive :-(
  • And those little places I love – the Asian across the street from the office, Dolce Vita (cheers, ladies), Ice cream Parlor at Turkenstrasse, that Greek place and all good-quality Japanese restaurants. Awww.. But the most I miss Le Pain Quotidien, though I found this new French bakery in Kiev – they have sandwiches equally good, no lemonade just yet.
  • The main thing that makes my heart sigh are the greatest people I met and were lucky to be friends with. I really, really miss you guys.

But I’ll be back! Some day. I mean I have to ride a bike in my summer dress and stuff it with baguettes from Le Pain, and see you all once again, right? RIGHT?

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