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Rock Festival 101

June 19, 2010

For the first time in my life I went for a 4-days-open-air festival. I had serious doubts, but then it was this thought again “when will I have the mood to go” and it was close to Munich anyway, and there were bands I actually wanted to see AND I had great company, so it was decided.

There’s so much I can write about Rock im Park, so much… But I’ll round it up to 5 tips I figured out can save your festival experience.

1) Buy tickets in advance – 130Eur pre-sale instead of 170Eur – makes 40 Euros or 10 beers on site.

2) Unless you’re the rock-star with a spirit, find a way not to camp. Camping gets dirty.

Really dirty. Naturally it’s your own responsibility to clean up after yourself, but well… Let’s say not all the rock stars with spirit care :-)

I did Couch Surfing with a wonderful girl and it made my festival as enjoyable as it could – thank you Tina!

3) Check the weather forecast and plan for the opposite. It said sun AND rain this time, so I took water-proof shoes (kind of) and a rain jacket – they won’t let your umbrella in, absolutely no chance. For hot weather take shorts and bikini tops (if you’re a girl, shorts for guys, skirt is also an option – looks awesome). Nobody cares what you’re wearing, honestly, but it’s the best outfit for +30 and the straight sun. Also, no dark clothes. The look on the left is WRONG. No, the glasses and the hat are a must, but no black! I had a reason for jeans, but the shirt was a mistake. Only white. Better with no shirt on, just the bikini top.

Also if you have to carry a bag, think twice. Boys do it great, somehow they never need a bag – how do they do that? But a small bag is ok, over the shoulder one works – you can always feel safe with it, even in a crowd.

And shoes. Well, the most comfortable you have and the least expensive so you don’t cry over a beer spill or worse ;-)

4) Have the line up with you – you don’t want to miss your favorite band. There were three stages this time and I lost my print-out on the first day so I always had to ask the guys “so what time are…” and “what stage is…”

5) Be yourself. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. Have earplugs if it’s loud for you – you won’t look less rock-ish or anything, but you’ll be able to hear the next morning ;-) Those festivals are the Notgiveadamnia, nobody cares, everyone is enjoying and celebrating life.

And now pictures, pictures, pictures (thank you Marianna and Boris!)

Main stage

Muse performing. I forgot to say that they don’t let you in with big cameras. If you’d like to take pictures have a small camera or your cell phone with those pixels – yeah!

This was so smart – the survival kit with the tape as a strap. Quite a lot of people were carrying juice cartons like that. Oh, right, forgot to mention – they don’t let you in with cans or bottles, only paper cartons like that. Though I don’t think there’s actually juice in those ;-)

For the headliners it gets crowded – if you want to get to the fan zone, get there for the previous performer – they may just close the barrier for entrance.

If you keep your eyes wide open and sometimes off the stage you can see the stars. Literally, we saw Kate Nash watching 30 Seconds to Mars this close. And then you can post those paparazzi pictures in your blog and be all “Oh my God, Oh my God, I saw Kate Nash!!!”

(she’s the girl on the right, by the way. Wait a second, is she actually wearing different socks?)

Once we went to see the interview of Alice in Chains and there was a trampoline right next to the lounge they were in. And then one of them said “Screw the interview I want to see 50 people on this thing jumping”. The banknote was passed to the guard. Everyone was hesitating if it’s for real and we were already jumping ;-) Yours truly bought another “I love” t-shirt. Again.

Thank you guys for the fantastic experience! It wouldn’t have been the same without you!

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