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Girls Living in… Munich

July 24, 2015

Hey hey! Long time no interview :-) I’m delighted to bring you one more of the Girls Living in… interviews – a series of posts where I interview girls who live in cities all over the world and share that city with us. This one is very special – it’s about Munich.

So let’s jump straight in. Introducing you to Anna: a very talented young lady, fashion blogger, amazing wife to her husband, my classmate from high school, a girl with an awesome instagram and just a very positive smiley sunshine as she is.

Introduce yourself and where are you from?

My name is Anna, recently I turned 27 years (Omg, is it a lot?) and I’m Ukrainian.

By the office

Well, this was a completely spontaneous decision to move to Munich. It all started when I found this interesting position at STYLIGHT, where I’m currently working at. It’s a huge online shop. I fit perfectly well for that job and me and my hubby decided: why not? Let’s try Munich this time. So here we are – living in Munich since July last year.

What do you currently do?

Currently I’m working as a PR manager at STYLIGHT for the Russian speaking market. I started as an intern in Influencer Marketing, working with international bloggers and executing interesting collaborations with them. It was definitely a cool experience, however it’s time for a change for something new.

STYLIGHT hosting bloggers


As I also run my own fashion blog, now I think I’ve reached that point, where I’d like to dive completely into it and devote more time to this project. I’m having lots of thoughts and ideas as to my future occupation, but I can’t tell you what it will be as of now, since it’s all in process (hihi). But you know, when these ideas come, you’d better go for it and make them a reality. So that’s what I’m doing right now :-)


What is your regular day in Munich like?

My regular day starts with nice breakfast and then cycling to work. Oh, I love cycling, but when we moved to another apartment the distance to work became too long, so I gave up on biking. BUT! Hopefully it will change soon.

My dream bike

Then it’s work, work, work, sometimes a short photo shoot for my blog during lunch time. After work it really depends on the mood and the weather. Sometimes I’d go to the gym, sometimes – have dinner at some nice new place or just walking around and enjoying the weather.


I remember when we just moved, going out after work or on weekends was a small adventure in itself. When you still don’t know anything about the city, a small walk around your neighbourhood could be as exciting as traveling somewhere far. So yeah, I mean in some regards, we’re still discovering all that hidden places, knowing which makes you local.

When it comes to Munich, what’s your number 1 favourite place to be?

It’s definitely a Schwabing area. I just love strolling around there, going inside nice book stores, or just biking around ending up with a cup of cappuccino and käsekuchen (cheesecake), preferably sitting outside. What we have also discovered recently, is the Rosenheimer area, especially Bordeauxplatz with lots of cafés with terraces on the street. Reminded me of Paris.

Munich Me by the office

Also when the weather is warm (since Munich can be really moody due to the close mountains) it’s super nice to walk down Isar or have a picnic at Englischer garden.

Munich best:

Café: Well, I have several of them. Depends on the weather and what you might be looking for.
So if it’s sunny spring or summer, this café is the best – Goldene Bar. The outside terrace is right next to the park & river, making it especially pleasant to watch people pass by while having some Aperol Spritz.

Oh Julia! brunch

Oh Julia! is a super central café, a bit hidden in the inner yard of a shopping mall, but it’s just so lively and atmospheric, that you can’t miss it when you’re in Munich. Sunday brunch having a warm salad with goat cheese, mmmm, the best! On Sundays it’s almost empty, which gives you more air to enjoy the place.

Cotidiano brunch

L’Cotidiano is also a very popular café. Saturday brunches are the most crowded ones, but it’s totally worth it.

Shop: I have three favourite shops in Munich. Sorry, can’t decide which one is better, cause they’re all different and super cool.

  • Kauf Dich Gluecklich. This shop has it all! Cool clothes from different brands, last popular Nike’s sneakers, cool magazines and anything else you’d need for your stylish outlook.

Kauf glucklich

  • & Other Stories.  This one holds the first place out of the 3, but all because it’s all about style rather than particular clothes. Even the styling inside the shop is awesome. They have cosmetics, their nails polish palette is amazing, shoes and bags are of super good quality, they also have jewellery and clothes.

& Other Stories

  • Stierblut is a multibrand boutique, a bit more expensive than others, but man, they have so MANY cool pieces in there. This store is an ultimate resource of my style inspiration.

Secret hideout: I don’t know really, couldn’t make up my mind on this.

Site: for sure it is Gärtnerplatz. It’s especially cozy when it’s sunny, and all the nice cafés are around.

How are the people in Munich?

As I lived in Sweden and Italy before, I have something to compare to. People in Munich are definitely different from other Germans, since it’s Bavaria and even Bavarian German is different from hoch Deutsch (the language – Olya). I feel that people here are very much into work, even though Germans themselves say that southern parts of Germany are way more relaxed than the northern, for me it’s still not the same relaxing as Italy hahaha.


People here like outgoing, sports, mountains, cars, and, of course, various beer fests, like Oktoberfest & Fruelingsfest. They are straight to the point, sometimes a bit harsh and rude, but at the same time will always help you out. All in all they are easygoing and pretty easy to communicate with.

Olympia park

If I came to visit you in Munich for just one day, where would you take me?

I’d take you to a walk through the city centre, then we could go to the English garden’s biergarten just to feel the atmosphere how locals are hanging out on weekends, then we would go to some nice exhibition at Brandhorst Museum, then would have a burger for lunch. Some dessert with a coffee at random small café on Türkenstrasse. For dinner we would go to the Teatro Tapas Bar, it’s always fun there. And who know how we would end our night? Let some adventures happen.

If you had to leave Munich, what would you miss most?

I’d miss its stability and calmness. You see, Munich is neither a big city nor a small one. But somehow it’s so quiet, simple and convenient, that you get used to in immediately and don’t really remember how it can be different. It’s super green and there are way too many things you can do in your spare time.


And I’d also miss Munich’s location – it is the perfect, trust me!! It’s so close to everything. 1,5 hours by train and you’re in Austria. 3-4 hours by car and you’re eating pasta in Italy. 1 hour by train and you’re enjoying mountain lake views. This is what I call the best place to live in. It’s really central and transport connections are very convenient.

Any cons you found when living here? What are the things to consider for someone who’s planning to move to Munich?

One of the biggest cons of living in Munich is the situation with housing! It’s insane here, especially for foreigners. First off, it’s crazy expensive and you better have a really good job to have a good life. Secondly, it might take you ages to find an apartment! In Munich you’re not the one who is deciding on the interested apartment, it’s the landlord, and be prepared for screening interviews and tons of other papers. Sounds pretty tough, right? Well, I’m sorry to say, but it is.

Munich facades

Either you will need to get super lucky, or connections will help you. That’s how it was in our case – common friends. So if you ever decide to move to Munich, be ready for a high standard of living, but also make sure you have a lot of patience to find your dream place to live in.

Other than that, Munich is lovely! Nice & cozy and traditional in a good sense of it.

Thank you dear Anna for sharing your Munich life! Follow this beautiful talented lady’s whereabouts here:

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