Moved to Munich

August 8, 2009

So, I moved to Munich. I got my Bachelor’s in Applied (computational) Linguistics and decided to do something new, for a change. After some five months of matching, I finally matched with the AIESEC management traineeship.

I’m working as an office manager at TynTec. I can only say that to me working is much more enjoyable than studying!

I live in the trainee house with the 6 other trainees from China, Korea, India, Brazil and Tunisia. Living here is great and a whole lot of fun. We have quite an impressive travel plan, which is: Hamburg, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Barcelona. And that is in the following two months (I just hope everything will work out).

Some pictures that may give you some idea of my neighbourhood:

Rohrauerstrasse Munich



My house is the second to the left:


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