August 12, 2009

LMU stands for the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität. Their website says it is “the university in the heart of Munich. LMU Munich is one of the leading research universities in Europe, with a more than 500-year-long tradition.”

Which is so true – you can feel the academic spirit there (something I didn’t get in Ukraine). In fact on Sundays there may be occasional rehearsals of the choir and the orchestra. If you’re lucky to be there at that time – sneak in! You’ll feel yourself in a Harry Potter movie because of the spirit + the music + the hall where the rehearsal takes place = totally the right atmosphere.

What I fancy most about LMU is the neighbourhood – it’s very inspiring, has lot’s of bars and shops. The famous English garden is just a couple of blocks away from the subway station. You can easily end up having an enjoyable evening even if it started with “well, I don’t know, let’s just get to the University (the train station) and see what we can do” – oh, there’s so much to do!

But what I don’t like is the bicycles. It seems like everyone rides a bike and they are doing it very fast and quiet. I wonder if it’s an evil conspiracy, because if it is – they won – I turned bike-a-phobiac in this town…

But what I wanted to show here is the mood of an evening by the LMU.

LMU Munich
(it’s terribly blurred – but look at the colours! Fascinating!)

LMU Munich

LMU Munich

Which gives you an idea of how wonderful life can feel if you are in the right place at a right time )


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