Düsseldorf in one day

November 4, 2009

Dusseldorf is a nice town. Really.

What surprised me the most was that Dusseldorf has the biggest Japanese community in Germany. There is a whole street (Immermannstraße) with Japanese stores, restaurants, hotels etc. And the food is very very good. My mom (who knows the right taste of it) said it’s the closest to the true taste, that you can ever get (outside of Japan, of course)


So, naturally this followed:


Lack of sense in deeds is regular for me – drinking Japanese beer in Germany (nothing wrong with that, right?). And it was actually quite good. I won’t show any sushi, tempura, udon and other yummy pictures here, just for the safety reasons ;-).

And if you happen to be in Dusseldorf, don’t forget to try the Green Tea Ice Cream.

(I think ice cream deserves a special post. Some of you may know I have a special thing for ice cream, so I guess there should be a separate post ^_^)

Oh, and shopping! Shopping is amazing there. The stores are pretty much the same you get everywhere else, but the selection is beyond… The best shopping streets are downtown and in the Old Town – Altstadt (don’t confuse the two, even though it’s hard to tell when one ends and the other begins). The Königsallee is mainly for window-shopping. A jaw-dropper, I tell you… The Shadowstrasse is for us, the mortals, and that’s where the girls’ heaven is… Ah, I wish I could go there more often…

The popular fun is getting yourself a personal shopper (!), who, for some 40EUR per hour, will style you up head to toes. I saw one. Seriously. He was flapping his hands while saying: “Dear, totally your colour, fabulous cut, we buy it!”. I think I just discovered my dream job ^_^

Art is also THE tip for Dusseldorf. Overall contemporary, lots of galleries, lofts, museum… We only went to one, the K21… Well, what can I say? At least, for the dumb-when-it-comes-to-contemporary-me t’s good for treating headaches. My head never felt more fresh (could possibly mean some brainwashing… figuratively of course). And the bar had some free cakes that day – I love museum bars! :-)

And by the way. This is the Central station.


(reminds of Oslo, no?)


Well, maybe a little :-)

Definitely the Tokyo-on-Rhine is a good place. And it is 20 min away by train from Cologne (more on that in the next post).

Stay tuned – much more to come!

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