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Giveaway: Tiny Black Box from Thailand

January 17, 2015

Hi guys!

As you know, I’m currently strolling around Thailand, backpacking, trying to capture all this beauty and recharge.
The energy of this place is very vibrant and I really want to share some of it with you. Time for a giveaway!

Tint Black Box Thailand_featured

So this is how it works. I’m going to collect a few meaningful things from Thailand and share the story of each (on Instagram and Facebook). Then pack them up nicely in a tiny black box because Tiny Black Bird. And one of you will receive it. Wherever you are. Because sharing this inspiration is very important to me, I would love for you to have a glimpse of it too.

Here are the rules

You just need to follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram and leave a comment below noting your Facebook/ Instagram username so I know you are you. In reply to your comment I’ll give you a number. If you followed on both, you get 2 numbers. If you found and followed me elsewhere, bonus points to you, stalker :-)

Then at the end of this trip, a random number will be selected in a transparent and honest way (will probably shoot a small video of it) and one of you will get the Tiny Black Box from Thailand! I’ll ship it your way, wherever you are.

Short and sweet. The giveaway will end on Jan 30th so I can get your address on time to ship the box on Jan 31st.

I’m super excited to scout for little pieces of Thailand for you, let the fun begin!

UPD: Just pulled a lucky winner of the Tiny Black Box and it’s #15. Congrats Anya! I’ve also pulled out 3 numbers that will get a little something – 10, 24 and 26. Will contact you shortly for more details. Thank you guys for participating! It’s amazing to be able to share all this inspiration with you. More #tinyblackboxes will come in the future, stay tuned and get inspired to travel!

giveaway results

Lots of love,

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