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February 27, 2015

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I usually like writing how-to posts, packed with facts, details and things that won’t leave room for interpretations.

Example: Bangkok has this district called Sukhumvit that has bars, clubs and expats; instead of: Sukhumvit feels really Gotham-like to me, where you can see a couple walking to the club – him looking crisp and after-work, her having this tired hope in her eyes, and right behind the corner there would be local kids freestyling like tomorrow is never going to come. Dirty, hopeful yet very romantic in its own way.

One of the recent posts I wrote about what KL feels to me (link) got a lot of you curious, many people wrote or came to me telling they feel the same or suggesting what they feel about the city.

This got me thinking, that maybe I should let go of the careful writing, choosing words, thus stripping them all the colours and flavours. Travelling is a very tricky thing to describe and I strongly believe there’s no such thing as “travel advice” – two people in the same travel group will see the same thing completely differently and one will splurge ‘meh’ all over Trip Advisor the moment they get online, the other would quietly whisper “It was amazing, omg, I want to move there” to close friends and family. And both of them will be true. To themselves.


So since this is a place where I share my travels, I thought I’d add more me instead of giving you wikitravel-like factual digests and safe comment-less picture galleries. I’ll give it a try. And you let me know what you think, ok?

Bangkok feel

So Bangkok. I’ve been there for only a few days. I really like arriving to the city at night where you’re scared a little and everything looks dark, gloomy yet fun. You don’t see the full picture, only what is brightened up by people. What they want to show, the rest you’ll see the next morning.


Bangkok, to me, ended up leaving an impression of an old lonesome grandpa. He’s trying to keep up, he wants to be in the whirlwind of events, he seems cool, of course he has an iPhone and all the hip clothes, developed a few hipster hobbies, but at times, his true nature shows: all his wisdom is suddenly emerging from around the corner of the conversation, the gold of the temples and the shine of mosaic tiles. They’re blinding, bright, cheerful. And you feel happy.

Then he’ll remember something and will switch the conversation to more modern topics, so he sounds very up to date. That’s where all the skyscrapers and posh condos come in.

But then, right away, he’ll show his true face again – wires, small houses, enormous markets, people selling everything you can imagine, old, very old badly maintained yet charming in it’s own way. He seems o have shorter memory spans so he is repeating himself over and over again. Which is great, because I really enjoy that kind of conversation. And that kind of charm of old yet modernised Asia.


And slightly perverted. Yeah, that little hint of a smell, you get it when in Bangkok. Grandpa with that bad breath you can’t avoid.


That’s how I saw Bangkok.


Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think. Hugs!

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  • Nataliia

    I truly love Bangkok!!! I love it’s atmosphere!!!!! Can’t wait to go there again!

    • do you think you’d live there for some time? or just enjoy visiting for a short time?

  • I think you’re a fabulous writer, is what I think. Like, spectacular.

    Personally, I don’t have any desire to go to Bangkok. I went to Taiwan in college, and while I’m glad I saw it, that was enough of Asia for me. Although you’ve made me rethink my resolve to stay away with a few of your travel posts, so maybe I’ll revise my stance for awhile. But probably not on Bangkok.

    Amazing photos, though. You guys are a couple of crazy talented kids! ;)

    • Thank you, Kelli.

      You’re right, Asia is definitely very different. We were showing our Ukrainian friend around, she is a big fan of Europe and it was her first time in Asia. Well, let’s just say, 3 weeks for more than enough for the Asian introductory trip and thank you but no thank you. I personally am not the biggest fan of Asia, but I learned to see it as it is, as much as I can strip the experiences and expectation off my personal beliefs and perceptions. As Fra said above, it all depends on how long you stay and what intentions you have.

      Which makes it so sad to realise some people will never see even a glimpse of reality because their eyes are seeing the dress white and gold instead blue and black :-) But seriously, it is definitely an interesting topic I’d play with further. Not the dress, but the travelling part.

      Love you and talk to you soon!

  • Impe83

    I been living in Bangkok for about 1year and I still discovering her endless beauty, it’s an amazing city buts of course that depends on how long u stay and u actually experience the city na

    • Fra! I’m so glad you read this, thank you so much for sharing! You and Jason are the only people I know who’ve lived and liked Bangkok in the long run. Which area were you staying at?

      • Impe83

        I live in Huai-Kwhang/Ratchada, you can check out the very nice Airbnb page of my neighbourhood:
        I would like to blog about it, but Im somehow afraid that in a couple of years would become another area full of farang (expats) if more people know about it :P, as I love to live it just surrounded by locals (for me is pretty easy to blend with them!) :D
        btw I like your blog and I hope too see ya you again next time im in KL! do you use twitter? xx

      • Whoa, great area to live, Fra! Thanks for sharing!

        Please don’t be afraid sharing, honestly, I think everyone who wanted to move to BKK already found their way around into it, but blogging about different areas to live would be amazing for someone new to the city. You don’t need to advertise that area particularly, you can just show a few of the different options :-)

        Are you staying at one of the condos?
        p.s. twitter, yes, I do have one, but not really using it actively: @yonansen_v

      • Impe83

        lol I forgot to reply!
        yes I stay at a small thai condos (I pretty sure Im the only expat there lol).

  • Ng Khai Yong

    I speak for the Chinese girl community even though I’m not a girl and my Chinese is poor and I totally agree with the “different strokes for different folks” thingy. For us it’s just shop shop shop and bargains and eating :))) I can just spend a whole day in chatuchak and early morning wholesale markets looking for clothes

    • Chatuchak… Just thinking about it makes me want to open a shop and have business trips to Chatuchak for gem-hunting. Love that place!