Volunteering with Incitement’s Liter of Light

February 13, 2016

One of the most eye-opening experiences of the past few years was volunteering with EPIC Homes (you can read a post I wrote about it). It’s such an unexpected reality check, perspective-adjustment and gratitude-expansion activity! I do believe that giving your time to projects like this is essential (any project that resonates with you really).

Two friends of mine started a movement here in Malaysia and after raising funds and awareness, have been successfully fixing a problem vital for people in remote villages in the heart of East Malaysia. It’s called the Liter of Light. Here’s how they describe it.

Liter of Light Malaysia is a social cause by Incitement. The goal is to provide cost-effective solar powered lights to underprivileged communities in Malaysia who have no access to electricity. Having light at night makes a huge difference to them; it makes their village safer, less prone to attract wildlife, more sociable, improves their opportunities for education, and makes access to basic facilities (such as sanitation) at night much easier.”

*image and video taken from Insitement website

So Liter of Light is also a full two-day build, where on day one volunteers assemble the units at a warehouse and on day two they all goto a remote village in Cameron Highlands where the installation takes place. The installation itself should take just a few hours, most of the day is spent commuting to the site, but also things like getting to know the locals, lunch etc. But mostly commuting (~6 hours I suppose?).

Right after finding out about this opportunity from a few friends who’ve done it, I signed up for the build in March (12&13.03) and there are still slots for the later builds. If you are interested, here’s the link to sign up.

So far I’m very impressed with the organisation and the logistics and I love Daniel’s communication and copy throughout the site, the closed facebook group for volunteers and emails (Daniel, it was you who wrote all that, wasn’t it?).

I really can’t wait and looking forward to an intense March (half-marathon, then volunteering, then a Spartan race). Will keep you guys posted on how it goes. Oh, and if you happened to volunteer for similar causes, what are they? Share the links so we all can check them out and find a cause that resonates.

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