Sungai Congkak

March 9, 2013

It’s been three months since we moved to KL, and it stroke me when I realised that all these three months we were surrounded by concrete jungle. We haven’t even visited any parks by that time. It was the time to reconnect with the nature and when my friends asked if I wanted to join them for a small getaway, I said yes (to be honest I’ve noticed saying yes to most offers life brings you is a good thing, you should try it).


So we went to Sungai Congkak. To me it just looked like leaving KL and keeping left most of the time. For more decent directions, see here.

It’s basically a camping area in the jungle with a shallow river, bungalows and barbecue spots.


As you see it’s soaking, not swimming. The whole area is quite big and has enough room for everyone. If you go further up the river, you can find a peaceful spot with no people around. Walking all the way up and back would take roughly 1.5 hours.


The entrance fee is 1 ringgit ($0.3), there are some food spots (very basic) and you can buy some swimming (sorry, soaking) apparel as well.


And some more heavily edited Instagram photos as a bonus. I’m yohansen_v there, please  add me there because I post much more often there.




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