A beautiful story of Pol

August 8, 2014

I was walking down the road in the city center, right next to Petronas Towers in KLCC and something grabbed my attention, but because I needed to run for an appointment, I didn’t pause. It was a simple phrase scribbles on a large world map. It said “This is my dream”.

An hour later, I rushed back to find out more.

This is Pol, and this is his dream: “to make a journey, not a trip of 15 days or a month, a long journey, a journey of no less than 6 months, enough to change a “normal” lifestyle while one different and unknown”.

Pol is from Spain, he’s on his way to Sydney now, he’s travelling on his bike and has been on the road since April. He makes bracelets and sells them on the streets of cities he passes by to fund the trip.

It’s so inspiring to witness such a beautiful dream. Say hi to him if you see him. And get a bracelet or two – they are good energy :-) Good luck Pol, may your journey be safe!

p.s. check out Pol’s website, it’s in Spanish, but Google translate does a great job :-)

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