Indie shopping in KL – Markets @ Jaya One

October 7, 2013


Markets @ Jaya One is a quarterly fair in KL that I’m looking forward to every time. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, food, handmade cosmetics, stationery supplies, you name it. There was even a vintage section last time with some good bargains off the ground, only this time the area was closed for reconstruction – not sure if there was a vintage section at all this time.

Basically it’s a fair built around the mall called Jaya One and there are stalls and tents grouped by theme or kind. It took us 10 minutes to walk around the whole thing.

This Markets seemed a bit smaller to me than the one in May and definitely less crowded. Here are some of my finds.

Markets (1 of 1)-2

Not too interested in clothing this time. And I really wish there was more handmade jewelry – most of what I saw was the so popular in Asia plastic stuff and rustic copper charms. Nah.



Now to interesting finds. Meet Bisou Rose – natural bath and body care products.


And this lady here – her name is Louise and she’s the founder of Claire Organics. My choice – the lip balm, definitely.



Some ukulele action around the corner.


And on to the food!


Could not resist trying one of the Tapping Tapir lemonade (a bottle for 6 ringgit = $2). Tiny Black Bird approves:


And this cute couple here – homemade marshmallows in crazy flavours – Fête Artisan Marshmallow. I asked what their favourite was and they both were: “Chococo Chips, for sure. Yes, try the Chococo”. Considering I’m not the biggest fan of marshmallow, this one was really very good indeed.


Hoping the next Markets is bigger and there’s more to see. Or maybe we’ll even participate next time, who knows? *wink*

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