Things to see in KL: Heli Lounge Bar

November 12, 2015

First I didn’t want to share the place because the spot was almost KL’s best kept secret. They had no ads, no events, no website – it was truly a hidden gem of KL.

Then I didn’t want to share it because it became too popular and crowded and overpriced. Now I’ll just share it because it’s the fourth time I’ll be explaining how to get there to a friend visiting Kuala Lumpur and I thought I might as well let you all know. Just in case. So of all worthy sights of the concrete jungle I call home now, introducing you the top of the list – the Heli Lounge bar.

Heli Lounge via - 08

How to get to Heli Lounge

To get there, take an Uber (if you don’t have Uber, please get it – it’s an app that’s much safer and sometimes cheaper than taxis, use my code olyay1 for a first time sign up, ok?)

Alternatively you can take the monorail train to Raja Chulan station and go to the dark skyscraper that has MENARA KH on it.

Address: Bukit Bintang 34th Floor, Menara KH, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Heli Lounge bar

Heli Lounge via - 02

Come on into the Menara KH and walk straight to the elevator and up to the 34th floor.

Heli Lounge via - 01

Come in – you’re now in the Lounge bar.

Heli Lounge via - 04

The view is not so good, so if you thought that was it, don’t get disappointed just yet, ok?

Heli Lounge via - 06

There are lots of cool things in it, like a DJ console which is made from a turbine engine of a Boeing 747 commercial aircraft. Things like that can keep you animated while you’re ordering drinks. You need to order first before going up to the Helipad.

Heli Lounge via - 05

Last time I’ve been there (Jan 2015) everything was a whopping 25RM. Even juice.

Once you’ve paid for drinks, you go up.

Helipad rooftop bar

Following a few slightly scary flights of stairs you go up to the Helipad – the only full 360 view in KL with no walls, windows and visible barriers.

Heli Lounge via - 09

Be amazed by the view, just turn a bit right from the construction site, now, this view:

Heli Lounge via - 07

Wait, there’s one more construction blocking the view. Oh well, it’s KL, they build really fast here. I won’t be surprised if both buildings are finished by now. Ok, this looks like a clean shot:

Heli Lounge via - 12

Pro tip for girls – wear something red or orange to Heli Lounge Bar for a nice contrast with the interior. However hard it is to call this interior hehe.

Heli Lounge via - 11

It’s great to come before sunset (safe bet is to get there before 7pm) and spend an hour or more admiring the view of how KL changes into its night-gown.

Heli Lounge via - 13

If you happen to come later, come by 10-11pm (attention: dress code!) and wait until midnight when Petronas towers lights are turned off.

Heli Lounge via - 14

This is the only bar I recommend to friends who are visiting KL. I haven’t been to many, but this one is a must. Don’t you think?

Heli Lounge via - 15

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