Giveaway: Tiny Black Box from Malaysia

October 3, 2015

Want a surprise bundle of tiny yet meaningful goodies from Malaysia? Read on.

The first Tiny Black Box from Thailand was a great success, brought a lot of joy to the girl who won it and to me – picking up all those items from markets, designer shops and hidden little stalls on markets.

I though why not do it again? I want to put together another Tiny Black Box, this time from Malaysia.

Chances are, this might somewhat resemble the souvenirs from KL in a way, but I want to add a personalised twist to it this time.

So how? Simple: no shares, reposts and stuff (although I would definitely love it, the more, the merrier). Just leave a comment below (one comment per person, please) and mention one thing: what would you love to receive as a souvenir from Malaysia? Anything that associates with Malaysia, that could fit a small box and can travel through snail mail. Read a few posts for ideas, maybe?

The comments will close on Friday, October 9th midnight, Malaysia time, I’ll give each comment a number and will randomly choose one on Saturday, October 10th.

Let’s roll!

p.s. And if you are from Malaysia, do take part in this too, because hey, you travel too, right? You can use it as a souvenir for someone special as you go :-)

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