First week in Asia

December 6, 2012

Last Thursday I moved to Malaysia. It only took a 17 hours trip (Kiev – Tashkent – Kuala Lumpur), a new job, leaving everything behind and well.. should I continue?

Here’s what I experienced was positively shocked by:

  • taxis. We were only driving taxis so far, which is fairly reasonable, especially if you’re sharing a ride – approx. $2 from home to the office. Today we discovered the LRT (local subway) that is $0.4 ride to the office. But more about transportation in the posts to come.
  • food. Is simply delicious! We ate at the local Mamaks, at Old Town White Coffe (don’t recommend, I thought it’s not worth the price), local fast food stall at the train station (Gado-gado is amazing!), a Korean restaurant at Mid Valley MegaMall (see the picture below, it was $9.5!) just to name the few.Korean food in Mid Valley Mega Mall
  • apartment. We are housed in a very fancy condo at Bangsar South, living on the 15th floor (almost as high as in Kiev :-) We have a gym and a 25m pool and the most spectacular view:

View - day

View - night

Wil keep you guys posted, stay tuned for more pics to come!

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