Chinese tea ceremony

June 13, 2014

So my dear friend Natasha, who happened to be born almost the same day with me, also happens to have a YouTube channel of short snapshots of Asia that she films on her iPhone while travelling around.

Hey, I’m a travel blogger, I like that stuff too! – I said and off we went to look for interesting video-worthy experiences.

If you speak Russian – good for you, if you don’t, in this video we’re having a tea ceremony, or rather, tea tasting in a tea shop in Chinatown. We spent about an hour there sitting and drinking teeny tiny cups of tea with the shop owner who was so kind to explain us everything.

So now you know how to hold the cup right and how to brew Chinese tea, and see me speak funny.

Check out more of Natasha’s cool videos, and follow her on Instagram. Psst, I might appear there again soon ;-)

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