Cameron Highlands Tips

September 1, 2014

Why oh why haven’t I gone there earlier? It’s a fun picturesque drive, the place looks like the city of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. 3 hours out of KL and you get here:

Though I needed a travel sickness pill, as have a few people I know – the road is curvy, so be aware of that. Curvy is actually an understatement – it looks like a proper cardiogram on the map :-)

Cameron Highlands is an area, so to map your route, you may want to Waze Brinchang, or BOH tea plantation or your hotel address. You’ll pass a town called Ringlet, there’s a gas station. Use it. If you’re not driving, bus is another option. But I don’t know much about it as we drove each time.

But as soon as you get there, you forget everything – the way, the road, busy KL, it’s so quiet and peaceful here in Cameron Highlands.

If you drive, go to the small BOH tea plantation. It’s before the city, you won’t miss it as everything is located by one road.

And then of course go all the way to the other side to the big BOH plantation for high tea:

And this view:

Such a bliss!

10 Cameron Highlands tips

  1. Please don’t do there on a public holiday. The road is narrow and I know a true story of a friend who spent 8 (!) hours on a bus to Cameron. Don’t do that.
  2. If you are prone to motion sickness, take your pills/use the acupressure bracelets/anything that helps – the first hour the road is straight as an arrow, the other one and a half – very very curvy.
  3. There’s a nice waterfall on the way from KL to Cameron, stop there if you can to appreciate the view.
  4. If you want to buy strawberries, go all the way up to the Brinchang Night Market (Pasar Malam) – fruit and veggies there are considerably cheaper than in the farm shops.
  5. You can shop for potted plants too – there’s a bunch of plant nurseries along the main road (think orchids, herbs, succulents, you name it).
  6. If you enjoy hiking, go on a Rafflesia trekking tour – go find that stinky giant flower! (depends on the season – Rafflesia is not in bloom all year round).
  7. Have an afternoon tea with scones at the BOH tea plantation – Sungai Palas Tea Garden.
  8. Also go to the smaller BOH plantation – BOH tea garden – it’s incredibly beautiful.
  9. Embrace ’em layers! It gets chilly in the morning and late evening, bring some warmer clothes with you.
  10. Just breathe.. Cameron Highlands is such a quiet peaceful ambient place, clean air, no haze, just enjoy your time there and be present in the moment – you’ll miss it in the busy city life.

Have you been to Cameron Highlands? Any good tips/memories? Please share them in the comments below :-)

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