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Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest

December 1, 2015

To wrap 2015 debt-free, I want to see what happens if I post twice a week and share all the things I’ve been wanting to share with you for a while. I was shy of sharing the not so beautifully edited photos, like when Anton takes the camera, so these articles were collecting dust. I really don’t like editing pictures.. So it took a while to just put this one together. Heck, the Mossy forest itself closed down while I was contemplating on the imperfection of my iPhone camera!

<h4>UPDATE: the Mossy Forest hike was reopened in February 2016</h4>

So yeah, this is the post in the loving memory of Cameron Highlands’ Mossy forest. No worries though, I’ll share how to sneak into a little path to get a peek into the forest, so keep reading.

Also note that all pictures were taken on the same day within an hour or so – the nature up there is phenomenal. And, as you’ve probably figured, #nofilter.

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via TinyBlackBird.com28

Cameron Highlands highest viewpoint

So Cameron Highlands. I have a handy list of tips about going there, do check it out. If you happen to have a full day there, do take a tour (we used Eco Cameron). The guides will pick you up on a sturdy car that can go the distance on those curvy worn down roads. Our Swift barely made it up the hill this time – the road became too bad over the past year.

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via TinyBlackBird.com24

This is the route we take when we’re showing friends around Cameron Highlands: we usually leave KL at 7am, arrive to Sungei Palas ‘Boh’ Tea Factory by noon, have some tea and cakes there (it has gotten so crowded there recently, I don’t think we’ll be going to that tea shop anymore to be honest).

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via TinyBlackBird.com31

Then we go further up the hill to the viewpoint. Apparently, it’s the highest mountain accessible by road in South East Asia. Not sure it’s true, but sounds impressive, so I will leave this unproven fact here how dare I. The top of the mountain has a viewing tower you can climb and, well, you guessed is – enjoy the view.

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via - 04

The clouds get caught in a mossy rainforest and you can see such fantastic landscapes that change every 3 minutes.

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via TinyBlackBird.com32

Cameron Highlands via TinyBlackBird.com33Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via TinyBlackBird.com45

All that in a few minutes, can you imagine? Do take a jumper or something warm with you – it gets chilly up there. Compared to KL it can be a 10 degree drop, so be ready.

Ok, enough granny advice, let’s move on. We’re going down the hill to step into a mossy forest.

Mossy Forest

There is a little path to your left if you’re going downhill – the only clearance that looks approachable – you can step into the forest to listen to its sound, make a few steps around (it’s usually very muddy, if it isn’t the hike is about 10 minutes return).

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via TinyBlackBird.com35

It’s slippery and it’s not good for the forest if many people go there, but if you have proper shoes and on a dry day, you can check it out. The touring agencies are probably using this workaround until the proper trail opens again.

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via TinyBlackBird.com34

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via TinyBlackBird.com42

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via - 05

The Mossy Forest hike is closed

Oh yes, the hiking trail was closed in September this year to give nature time to recover. It did look worn down and polluted. So it’s a good thing to do, but a pity people can’t appreciate the rainforest beauty and keep it clean in the first place. So you won’t see this:

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via - 10

And this. Nada. Zilch. All closed down. So enjoy the photos :-)

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via - 07 Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via - 06

20 minutes into the hike, the weather can change and become very emo:

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via - 09

And 5 minutes later:

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest via - 08

Stunning place indeed. I do strongly recommend to go there for a walk, not even so much of a hike (anymore), bring some warm clothes and the good old low expectations – you never know what the weather would be like and how crowded it will be. So the lower expectations – the better! Either way it’s still a great change of scenery if you are in KL or travelling around the hot and humid South East Asia.

Oh, and this is the first post in the “hiking” series! I needed to pay off my unused hiking boots we got for the Nepal trip that never happened. Do you hike? Let’s talk about that. Do let me know in the comments below if you know good outdoors places in the vicinity of KL.

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