Big Bad Wolf book sale

December 11, 2012

The biggest book sale on the planet. 3 million books with 75-95% discount. Epic, right?

It was challenging to get there – the fierce rain collapsed the subway, the taxi drivers wouldn’t drive us to the venue, it took us 2 hours to actually get there. But this was totally worth it!

You probably know I love reading. This particular sale didn’t have ALL the books in the world though. But had some good picks. To get the idea what books were sold there, see the official directory.

The first thought was “this is huge, where do I start”, the second “whaaaa? this is soo cheap!”, the third “ugh, this bag is getting heavy, I guess I’ll need a bigger bag”.

My awesome husband made this fun video for you to see how grand it was, enjoy!

Now guys, I really want to share this excitement with you. So I’ll give one book from that pile to a lucky one who guesses how much all these books were (in $ or MYR)! Leave your guess in the comments below and the first person to give a correct price receives a goodie (shipping worldwide is on me)!

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  • Anna Radionova


    • What? Almost, very close :-)

      • Anna Radionova

        I really want a goodie from Kuala Lumpur:)
        One more attempt – 80$! If I fail, let the others guess;)

      • Nope, not $80

      • Hey! Just wanted to let you know that your guess was the closest – it was $67! Pls pm me your address – have a NY souvenir from KL for you :-)