Batik painting at the Craft Cultural Complex

June 7, 2014

Last weekend we wend out with the girls to Kompleks Kraf (Craft Cultural Center) downtown KL for a fun project – batik painting.

You just come (they close at 6:30-7pm so make sure you come at least 2 hours before that) and say what you want to paint.

Olga and I were doing it for the first time so we went for the smallest silk size. Elina is a regular there – she was making a beautiful wide scarf. I picked a sunflower from the sketches (there are a lot to choose from, so don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas what to draw).

See the folders on the bottom right? That’s sketches of all possible drawings you can copy.

So first thing – you make an outline of your painting on silk with a pencil (mine was in blue). And then cover it with wax.

I gave mine to the artist to cover, because he’s super fast and because my hands were too shaky and it would have taken me ages to do it and I was too excited to start the actual painting.

He uses these little wax pens, gets some boiling wax in and quickly covers the lines on the silk.

Very very fast! It’s important there are no gaps in lines otherwise the paint will get out of the outline.

There were two other girls painting in the shop, look how beautiful her piece is! And it’s her first time painting batik!

Ready to start. You get 4 basic colours and you mix them to get any tints you want.

Halfway done. The colours are very bright (and Instagram filter helped too), they fade as the paint dries out. The golden wax stays as it is, but if you’re making a wearable piece, you need to leave it for the guy to wash – then the wax is gone and it leaves very nice white lines.

2 hours later I’m done. Look at the beautiful pieces in the workshop! And the artist owner is making some outlines for tomorrow, so people can come and paint straight away.

Voila! This is what the finished batik painting looks like. Quite ok for the first time, no? ;-)

It’s a very fun art project, fast and very rewarding.

And you know what the best part is? It only costs 25 ringgit (less than $10) for everything! You can frame it or bring home as a souvenir. Really like the process and the outcome, I’m so making a silk scarf soon. Just need to come up with what to draw on it. Ideas?

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