Pulau Weh, Indonesia

July 2, 2014

This New Year celebration was supposed to prove the saying we believe in that says “How you celebrate the New Year’s eve is how you’ll spend your year”.

So we met the year of 2013 on our balcony eating cold french fries and sipping home-made drinks with a bunch of friends, watching the fireworks over KL skyline. Nothing to complain about here, but the year did turn out quite homey, calm, some parties, friends coming over and being in KL mostly.

Celebrating 2014

This year we wanted to create an adventure. Because this is the only way to make these moments special – do something about them and create them yourself, right? So we decided this time we’re going somewhere special.

There was not a lot of choice in this case, because we were planning a trip together with 4 of our friends who have been to so many places and two of them had a thing – they try not to go to the same place twice.. So yeah, we were chosing between Cambodia and Indonesia, and since it had to be a beach getaway, we gave in to Pulau Weh.

Getting to Pulau Weh

Getting there is complicated. The morning flight from KL to Banda Aceh, taxi to the ferry, the 4 hour wait for the ferry ticket counter to open and then another 2 hour wait for the boat. Then it turned out the speed boat won’t go and we have to buy new tickets to the big boat.

And oh boy, was the boat big..

2,5 hours  on a boat, with all the locals smoking around, eating and littering where they sit, was tough. But we made it. As a bonus to this trip (and we’ve already been on the road for 12 hours by now) we saw the dolphins that were sending us off – such a great thing to experience!

I’ll fast-forward to three days from then and won’t say how we were placed in the staff room by accident and the weather was not good and we felt so disappointed and miserable and wanted to leave and get a plane to Bali – anywhere, but out of that island.

All because one thought was nagging me this whole time: coming ALL this way down here, it has to be for a reason, there has to be something worth all the trouble.

Paradise on Earth..

And it was – the weather cleared out and the sea gave the beach back so we could enjoy it.

It was so peaceful and quiet, reading, beach combing (that’s the fancy word for wandering around gathering sea glass), playing on the beach, running with the kite.. It was great.

Most of the time we stayed at Freddie’s hotel, which was really nice and the food every night was simply amazing! Go there for the food.

I would also recommend the Casa Nemo bungalows on the same side of the island. And their amazing parties that we missed because we didn’t know they’re happening, hehe. then, of course, the same way back, which was rather tiring, but we were so well-rested (9 nights is a lot of nights) and calm and peaceful that all ended up very well.

And you know what? Looks like so far the saying is proving to be true (knocking on wood). We’ve already been to Cambodia, Cameron Highlands, Tioman, going to Thailand in two weeks and then Perhentians for more diving.

How did you celebrate 2014? Is the saying true for your year so far? Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it!

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