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Hong Kong Disneyland

July 17, 2015

Hi everyone! So as I mentioned in the earlier post about HK, this trip was all about Disneyland.

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Having six relatively grown up boys and girls spend a day in fairytale was a great idea. And because life has taught us a bit by now, we went to Disney on a Friday morning to avoid the crowds. Smart move – the wait for the rides was barely more than 20 minutes, which, according to Disney experts, is nothing.

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To get to Hong Kong Disneyland you need to take the MTR train to Sunny Bay station (here’s a detailed how-to) and take a Disney train from there. I’m serious. A Disney train:

Hong Kong Disney via TinyBlackBird

By this time we were already jumping with excitement (ok ok, I was) and planning the ultimate route we’ll take to catch all the best rides and see the best shows.

That’s Mickey surfing on a whale fountain. There’s a little light show every hour and the fountain dances to Disney music. It’s really cool at dusk.

Hong Kong Disney via TinyBlackBird

And here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy:

Hong Kong Disney via TinyBlackBird

It was raining a bit here and there but it was never a problem. Furthermore, it was actually rather refreshing. And coincidentally, rain synced with our schedule so we were indoors watching the show or taking the second ride on a Space Mountain when it was raining outside.

Hong Kong Disney via TinyBlackBird Hong Kong Disney via TinyBlackBird

This was my second time to Disneyland, first time was in Paris when I was little. I’ve read that HK Disneyland is not the biggest one and probably not the most exciting, but it was at a perfect scale to cover the entire park in one day. We were so tired and emotionally drained from all the thrilling events that it was just perfect.

Hong Kong Disney via TinyBlackBird

If you look at the map, we went counter-clockwise: Space Mountain, Mad Hatter Teacups, checked out the line to Frozen special show which was a 3 hour wait (!), Grizzly Gulch, ate a Mickey ice cream (reminded me of the Ukrainian Kashtan). Then we went to see the Lion King Show:

Hong Kong Disney via TinyBlackBird

Special thanks to the infamous Zebras. Let me just say, they were… captivating and fit. Dads of Disneyland needed some encouragement for the long day, right?

Hong Kong Disney via TinyBlackBird

Then was the Mystic Manor (we LOOOVED Mystic Manor!), RC Racer, watched The Golden Mickeys. Our favourites were: Tarzan’s six packthe starfish and Sebastian’s ‘under the sea’ (watch that starfish on the left). The links are the parts of the show with those characters.

And we finished it off with “it’s a small world”. Which would have been the perfect closure to the day had we not run for the second run of the Space Mountain. Oh well, grown ups…

Hong Kong Disney via TinyBlackBird

Guys, I want to thank you for sharing this amazing day with me, La Familia! Love you big time: Hong Kong Disney via TinyBlackBird

Because with you guys, I can fool around all the time and you’ll join:

Hong Kong Disney via TinyBlackBird

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