5* Mexican honeymoon

October 28, 2012

Barcelo Maya hotel in Riviera Maya is a great place for the honemoon, especially in what they call a low season (+35C and occasional rain for 15 minutes or so).


Barcelo is a huge territory with 5 hotels in it that share a beach line of 2 km. All inclusive system, with the only limitation – you can have breakfast in your hotel buffet, only.

The food. Well, at first I was behaving myself and tried the local food – salsa, guacamole, quesadillas, watermelon juice, vegetables…



but then I lost it. What amazed me is that my stomach actually did not mind (back in July I had some problems with it that made me lose 8 kg, right before the wedding, can you imagine?), so I tried every restaurant and grill bar there was.


Oh, and cocktails are good. You only have to pay extra for the wine (which I can’t say was phenomenal), but everything else comes included. We spent one whole day by the pool, swimming back and forth to the pool bar – totally relaxing.


The rooms are clean, the bed – huge, everything was just right. This is the building we lived in, it has no door or windows, which is I guess the only solution in such climate.


The hotel offers a range of activities – we tried most of them, but I want to warn you of mini golf. Silly us we ignored the big sign “please use mosquito repellent” and got so vigorously bitten it looked like chicken pox. So beware the Mexican jungle.


And some more pictures for you







p.s. still the best quesadilla we tried was in Cancul airport – mind this if you’re there!


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