On moving countries. Again

November 19, 2016

This was my move number 4 (Ukraine – Germany – Ukraine – Malaysia – Netherlands) and I do have a few things to say about moving countries.

This has been the smoothest move by far, not only because we were better prepared than all the previous times, but also because we have finally figured out our own life formula. Let me explain.

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Windmill village

October 2, 2016

So we have been in Amsterdam for almost 3 months now. Time flies, weather changes and this newly rediscovered seasonality is really pushing me to write things down and capture the memories while they’re fresh.

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Happy thoughts

Life updates

August 21, 2016

Hi guys, how have you been? Long time no see, huh? I’m writing this on a reverse side of a printed train ticket on my way to Leuven from Amsterdam, typing it in Kyiv a few days after, almost unedited and, finally, publishing from Amsterdam, two months later.

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Diving, Thailand

Ko Lipe diving

February 29, 2016

We’ve heard about this little island just above Langkawi from a bunch of friends. Usually they would need to catch their breath when talking about it – they were that excited about their stay. Knowing there is no decent diving in Langkawi as it’s technically the Strait of Malacca, we thought nothing good can be so close by. And were mistaken!

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How to choose where to go diving

February 21, 2016

Every 6 months I have this question and now and then people ask me about it, so I thought I’d sum it up here – the hardship of how to choose where to go diving.

So sit comfortably, it’s a how-to nerd with you and today’s story is about diving and the hard and complex process of choosing where to go diving in Southeast Asia, what to keep in mind and a few tricks I use.

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How taking IELTS helped me in daily life

February 6, 2016


I needed to take an IELTS test (International English Language Testing System) for a visa. I’ll tell you more later, everything is still in process now, so not to jinx.

The results came in yesterday and I wanted to share the experience and how taking IELTS actually ended up helping my daily life. And this might come handy to those of you who need to take the test for visas as well.

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