My running story

December 13, 2014

Before this year ends, I wanted to write down a few thoughts and realisations while the memories are still fresh. Well, not so fresh anymore to be honest – I wanted to write this since August. I guess it took me a while to write about this because it’s very personal. It’s the story of my running (there’s a lot I’d love to share, so I’ll break this down into a few posts).

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The background

So before running became the next big thing and exploded over the past few years, let’s roll back to 2010 to Kiev. I lived across the street from the park. I had good running shoes that I never wore and a strong commitment to ‘start running’. I didn’t know what it meant, why I should start and how, but I knew I needed to move to be healthier and shed a few pounds of post-Germany sausage and beer weight.

But after one very miserable attempt, I only could run a minute or two and needed to walk the rest of the way back. Sad. There goes my running story.

The motivation

Now this February, after we moved to the new place with a nice gym I thought “Ok, let’s give it another shot, I NEED to move”. I seriously needed some sport, doctor’s orders. My doctor said I needed to control weight, exercise regularly and cut down sugar, carbs (= all the tasty stuff), alcohol, coffee, mangoes, grapes and durian. Don’t ask.

So exercise. I tried swimming first. Meh – too much effort + not too good for the skin – our pool at that time had way too much chloride. Yoga wasn’t too exciting neither, although I do it maybe a few times now and then on my own. So I gave running another try.

Long story short, I ran my first half marathon this August (2014). In 6 months I trained from not being able to run for more than 5 minutes without slowing down to walk to running 21 km in 2.5 hours.

It’s not a show-off moment, please don’t get me wrong. It’s about “anything is possible if that’s what you really want” and commitment. It also has a bitter-sweet ending, but that’s a whole different story. I’m going to write a mini-series about running, probably 2 or 3 more posts, so stay tuned if it’s something that interests you.

So that was the motivation and purpose to start running for me. And I timed myself and set a goal – run 5 km without stopping or lowering the pace. I thought I’d reach that in months. I got there in 22 workouts, one month later.

The goal

Hm.. I thought.. That was hard but achievable. Let’s set a bolder goal now – a half marathon. The house build experience made me think about it as something feasible (you can read why here). And the Penang half marathon was booked. And the full marathon in November too. Right. Yeah. Silly silly Olya.. In short, I didn’t run the marathon. But I did run the half.

Why am I writing about it?

I don’t have pretty before and after pictures. I don’t post my runs on social media. But I feel it would be a waste to achieve all this and not mention it anywhere. So I’m writing this down here. And hopefully someone might find it useful/inspiring/helpful. And of course I’m not an expert or anything, I’m just sharing how I did it, humbly and honestly with you guys. So yes, if you’re interested to hear more, stay tuned, I’ll be posting more of this soon (upd: read the second half of the story)

Are you running? How did you get to running and why? I’m very curious to hear more thoughts on this and would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Talk to you soon!

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