Diving saga. Part 2. Tioman diving

December 28, 2013


Learning diving is fun. There’s so much written about it, so many questions answered and experiences shared. I won’t repeat the Internet, I’ll use the famous tattoo quote: If you’re not sure, don’t do it. That is to answer the question of “Oh, should I learn? It’s scary, right? Will it hurt?

Tioman reef

It’s an experience, it’s not hard, it’s a lot of information and new skills to learn but it’s just like learning to drive – it’s common sence knowledge. But it opens a whole new world to explore!

Fish school

When you do specialty dives in Advanced Open Water course, you need to choose which 3 you’ll do additionally to navigation and deep dive. I chose fish ID (where you sketch down fish underwater and then sit with a book and find which ones you saw), photo dive, and hm.. I don’t remember now, but was fish-related too. Tioman diving has so much to offer, you have everything there – ship wrecks, abundance of fish, coral, deep dives, shallow dives – everything!


I LOVE FISH! Following one to see where it goes, what it does, the busy underwater life, awww. Apparently most of the divers have a certain passion for something. Some take macro pictures, some try to spot a certain fish family, some like wreck diving and some can’t live without night dives. I discovered mine – it’s fish.

Red breasted wrasse

Here and above are the pictures our instructor Fahmi took over the entire week of our learning.

Giant pufferfish

Fahmi is a great admirer of nudibranchs – those are teeny tiny fellas that you won’t even notice if you don’t pay attention. But with macro mode and some flash you can see how beautiful they are!



Nudibranch couple

This is the white eyed moray eel. White eye = not dangerous

Tiny white eyed moray eel

Tiny moray eel

Not to mention tiny:

I said tiny moray eel

In my next Diving Saga I’ll have a video where you can see how small this eel really is.

This Moray eel is quite dangerous though:

Moray eel

And not so tiny

Moray eel and Anton

And this one. The scorpion fish. If you touch the spine, you might not make it to the shore:

Scorpion fish

Thanks to Fahmi we never missed a fish hiding. This bamboo shark hides very well.

Bamboo shark

Bamboo shark

The highlight of that day was the turtle we spotted.

Hawksbill turtle

Hawksbill turtle

Thanks to Fahmi, he tried to fit both of us + the marine life into one shot :-)

Hawksbill turtle

Hawksbill turtle

That’s all for today. If you ever go diving to Tioman, let me know, I’ll introduce you to the best instructor on the island. And stay tuned for the video (that I’m making all by myself, yes, me, all by myself) and please leave your email address all the way down on the left so you won’t miss it, mmkay?

p.s. The Diving Saga continues here.

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