Diving saga. Part 1. Preparation

October 1, 2013

Here’s a first of the many (I hope!) stories about one happy diver named O. It all started long ago in 2012 in Mexico where O. and  her lovely husband went for their honeymoon.

She put on a mask, a snorkel and a pair of fins and took a look at what’s going on under her feet in the sea. First she was scared, in a OMG-that’s-ALL-been-there-when-we-swim? way. Then she started getting used to it. Then an hour of free rental of equipment was over and she suggested to run to the shop right now and get all the stuff. I said right now and no it can’t wait until lunch!

That’s when it all started. The love and fascination for the underwater world. Then O. went to Cozumel Island and saw how divers jump off the boat and swim around very deep where it is much more fun (you can see how deep in this video, around 2:33).

And then the plot twisted a bit and they went to Malaysia. Keeping up with “one day we will learn to dive” promise, the two of they went to MIDE and were overwhelmed with choices. It was a new world of gadgets, gear, trips, locations and little red-white flags – a world that means so much but to the chosen few.

And they met a school and were charmed completely and booked a 9 day trip to Perhentian. It was a very smart move as they only needed to pay 100 ringgit each and got the great dates booked – only 4 days off work they needed to take.

And then.. well, you’ll just have to wait a bit to hear what happened next, okay? Please stay tuned, it’s coming soon, it will be a whole diving saga :-)

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