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Whoosh, goes 2015

December 29, 2015

Whooosh! Did you hear that sound? That was 2015 passing by so fast I didn’t even notice. Wow, what a year. Time to wrap it up, shall we?

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Wrapping up 2015

Let’s sum it up. I would like to keep the practice of wrapping up a year publicly here because it’s also peer accountability – you guys definitely kept me motivated and committed to a few things on this list. And I thank you.

In the last year’s plan I wrote about wanting to do these things:

  • run that marathon and a few shorter races – done one half marathon
  • hike the Everest Base camp – did not happen, here’s why
  • learn how to dance bachata – nope, wasn’t that much of a priority I guess
  • continue experimenting with food, Bulletproof coffee and diet and learn more on how our bodies function – stopped Bulletproofing, cooked more and had an almost-no-alcohol year
  • write, write, write, oh, I have so much to share here! – done
  • read at least 30 books (you can follow my progress here) – done! 35!
  • go diving (3 times is the plan – Sipadan, Thailand and somewhere else in Malaysia) – we went to Pom Pom instead of Sipadan, but I count that as done. Executive summary: Thailand diving is meh, Malaysia diving is awesome, long live Tioman and we’ll come back to you, Sabah!
  • Visit: Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Koh Tao), Singapore, Croatia, Ukraine, Nepal and maybe US and HK, who knows? – almost

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Now, what also happened, but wasn’t exactly planned:

  • I got certified as a Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner
  • I left my job at Mindvalley after being there for 3 years and joined KFit
  • went for two meditation retreats and loved it

Learned in 2015

I learned a lot this year: to trust myself, to let go of a few limiting beliefs and fears, be grateful and kind, give without hesitation. This was a kind year. It was in a way the breakthrough year I planned it to be, but not in the way I expected it. I’ll tell you why.

So I started thinking about my career and what I want my work life to be a few years down the line. It’s important to mention that this year I started treating time in a very different way – I accepted the fact that it flies, it’s impermanent and we own the responsibility of using time wisely. I also stopped itching to travel to cross new countries off the map and instead relaxed a bit and started appreciating the great experiences I could create for Anton and myself this year.

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One day in April I realised I haven’t been happy for some time now. I though it was because of work. But after some digging, re-reading my journal (I went through the journaling method called The Artist’s Way – totally recommend it to everyone!) and reading Lean In I realised it’s not work. It was the lack of overall direction in my career and a few blocks and limiting beliefs here and there. For the past few years I went with the flow and excelled greatly, but I never pushed myself to achieve a certain goal or objective, rather, I was pulled by the way things went and by random opportunities. Which I am very grateful for, it’s just that there was no direction.

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So I went on and created it. The moment that choice was made, everything fell into place. I know it probably doesn’t make much sense to you as you are reading this, I’m not giving any context and concrete examples, I will tell the full story once the chapter is complete, it’s still ongoing that’s why – no spoilers :-)

Long story short, I studied and got 2 professional certifications, already had one speaking gig and got a new job. It’s already been 2 months since I joined KFit and I’m very happy. It’s a really cool product, do check it out if you’re in South East Asia.

Plans for 2016

Overall, 2015 has been a great year, much fuller than 2014, deeper and more thoughtful and more present. So lesson learned – do proper year analysis and planning. It had intention and I was living more in the present.

Hope 2016 is even better, here’s the rough plan:

  • travel to Australia
  • go to Georgia, Ukraine and Munich (once in Europe), Japan, Myanmar (I’m curling my toes in excitement, I so hope to visit these beautiful countries!) and somewhere for diving (probably Tioman once it’s open after the rainy season and maybe Sabah again, aiming to do Sipadan this time)
  • read 50 books, let’s keep the challenge challenging. I also just wrote a post with tips about reading more. Do check it out if reading is also on your list of goals for next year
  • write more about work and other non Tiny Black Bird stuff. Probably on Medium for now
  • carrying over from last year’s plan: run. that. marathon.

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And let’s see where the year takes us. For sure I’ll keep writing about life, happy thoughts, travels and outdoors experiences here, on Tiny Black Bird, so do stay in touch, ok?

And thank you, thank you for reading, following my story and being with me this year. I really appreciate you and your kind comments, our conversations and inspiration. Thank you.

*Sets the pen aside* Now you tell me: how was your year? Did you achieve what you planned? Did you plan anything at all? How are you doing your year-end summary? Tell me in the comments below, don’t be shy.

Until next year!

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Olya (and Anton)

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