Happy thoughts

No proper resolutions this time

January 5, 2013

Happy 2013 everyone!

The previous year was eventful and a lot of big changes happened – 4 minutes into 2012 Anton proposed and I said yes, we got our first car, got married, moved to another country for work, had some very exiting travels to Switzerland, Italy and around Ukraine.

This year I would really want to grow professionally, figure the direction for this blog to develop, get deeper into self growth practices (yes, I did my first meditation session last month and it was an amazing experience!), travel a lot, get better in photography and go crafty. I also set a goal of reading 30 books this year on Goodreads (had 60 for last year, then just cheated and changed it down to 40 and still haven’t gotten there.. Oh well, you have to be honest with yourself, don’t you?)

We met the new year on the balcony of the condo with a great view over the fireworks and the Towers with some junk food fries and gin. We had my friend Natalie from Shanghai visiting us and I woudn’t have wished for a more spontaneous celebration ;-)

While most of you, my faithful readers, enjoy the white holiday season, I’ll share some pictures of sunny KLCC and the Petronas towers.

Petronas towers



Petronas towers

Hope your start of the year was great! Take care in 2013!

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