Happy thoughts

On love, food and positive feedback

February 13, 2013

Hey there! Hope everything is just great at your end?

Just wanted to share what’s going on in my life and ask how you are doing.

Yesterday and on Monday we’ve had a Chinese New Year and no work. Yet I worked from home to save up days to travel in the nearest future once we fully recover from the safe deposit we had to pay for the new apartment.

So I was sitting there working, replying to customers’ questions and concerns, birds were singing, it was warm and sunny and I suddenly felt it. I was HAPPY.

This is what I saw at that moment:

I like my job, I like the all-year-summer I’m living in, I like the fact that there’s always fresh food in my fridge, that I’m working to improve my life spiritually, that I have the spark to write, read, take pictures and wake up every morning HAPPY.

I still have the unsettling desire to move and grow, but now this motion and strive for action is more shaped and flowing. New ideas, creative projects, upcoming travels, plans and dreams – wish I could inspire you as well! And I definitely know what you need to do to achieve your goals in life now:

Just relax, let go and let it happen!

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