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June 18, 2014

Last Sunday I turned 26. It’s weird how sensitive I am to the day of my birth and this one was probably one of the toughest yet most eye-opening – I was celebrating it alone.

Anton was away for work and I woke up alone on my birthday. No gifts, no flowers, just me. And you know what? It was amazing. What I realised and reflected on was so wonderful, I wanted to share it with you.

Happiness is an inner state of mind that comes ONLY from within

It took me a while to get there, to not blame anyone for not being happy and not to wait for something to happen so I become happy. Happiness is a conscious choice.

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We create our own special occasions, celebrations and special moments

If you just lay in your bed and do nothing, nothing will happen. Get up and do things, plan a trip, ask your friend out for a movie, read a book, do something – nothing happens on its own.

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Do more of what scares you (in a good way) – like a marathon, building a house, crazy work project. I learnt that these scary things, after being done or completed make me so happy and I feel like I have grown, accomplished, won it.

Life then is pretty much a kaleidoscope of these highlights – events, accomplishments, pleasant memories. As you look back, what’s your highlight of last year?

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Here are my highlights of the year of being 25:

  • we celebrated my birthday in Phuket – the weirdest trip ever.. lesson learnt – check the weather and seasons before booking the flights
  • became a certified PADI diver
  • moved to a very nice place where I’m happy (here’s how to rent in KL, just in case)
  • started running and am now training for the marathon (I’ll write more about it soon)
  • went to Cambodia, Thailand, Ukraine, Bali, Pulau Weh (Indonesia), Tioman, Cameron Highlands, Penang (Malaysia)
  • had a very good health-check year, fixing some chronic things – getting at peace with health, good eating and understanding more how my body works
  • got a car, broke a car, fixing a car as we speak
  • had a very juicy year at work
  • started DIY foods with Anton
  • revamped this bebeh and started a very exciting project “Girls living in..
  • became at peace with the fact that the time is running, there’s only this much you can do every day, but every day counts.
  • read only 12 books, watched countless movies, series, online learning materials
  • learnt to feel the time, plan realistically and not rush

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Thanks for being with me this year, supporting and encouraging to do more, become more and daring to dream big!

Lots of love,


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