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Documentary synchronicity… again

November 5, 2015

So something awesome just happened again. Another documentary synchronicity happened and I had to share.

By the way, synchronicity (as first explained by Carl Jung) is when events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related. Which continues the recent Happy thoughts train (there’s one about perspective and travelling, one on meditation and my recent retreat and now this, also somewhat travel-related actually).

So let me tell you a story. Get a cuppa, wrap a blanket around your knees and sit cozy, here it goes.

Documentary synchronicity

Last week I went home for a short visit. Home is Kiev, Ukraine and it met me with a fantastic warm Autumn. Look, how pretty:


One thing I love about visiting home is that I can walk the streets. It might sound weird, but KL friends can relate – we rarely get a chance to have a truly enjoyable walk in the city, not to mention getting from point A to point B on foot – it’s almost impossible here.

So walking around, meeting friends and Family, doing chores, buying cheese and books (my suitcase was half cheese, half books and clothes tucked here and therein between – true story), I was carrying a backpack and having a bunch of things in there every day. A passport, wallet, some papers. Do you see where I’m going with this? Keep reading.

On my last but one day I was visiting friends and decided to get them a nice hipster pie as a housewarming gift (it’s also a very common tradition in Ukraine to bring something when you’re visiting someone’s place for the first time – we don’t come empty-handed: pastry, flowers, tea are usual things to bring as a gift). So walking the beautiful city centre streets with a pie in one hand, my phone in the other, 10 minutes later I’m getting into a friend’s car and… you guessed it… the backpack is open.

First reaction – damn it, the wallet. It was missing. Second thought – nah, I must have left it at the bakery. No, it wasn’t there (we rushed back to check). Someone must have snatched it, but when? I was walking the whole time! Oh waaaaait… I did stop at a traffic light. Can you imagine?? They followed me, seeing where the wallet was (not in a trivial pocket), waited until I stop at the traffic light and took it like nobody’s business. I didn’t feel anything. Such professionals.

Sad as it is, my family is pro in dealing with such situations now (read about why we will never go to Paris Disneyland. Neither will our kids. No one is ever going to Paris now). So we took it as a learning experience, quickly blocked the credit card and counted the good things that came out of this experience.

Documentary via TinyBlackBird 01

Learnings from having a wallet stolen

  • I took out all Malaysian stuff the day I landed, so at least there was a backup.
  • On that day I decided to not put my passport into the wallet like I sometimes do. Never put your passport into a wallet – carry it on you and trust your intuition.
  • Better yet – never put all your eggs in one basket (eggs in this case stands for cash and cards).
  • Don’t take more cash than you need. I had just a bit and that just made it double-sad – the wallet was such a dear memory and the most valuable thing in it was… drumroll a driver’s license. Which is… double-drumroll… not renewable in Malaysia.Only in Ukraine. And I have a day. So no way it’s happening. And the sad part is that I had it valid for 50 years (I know, right?) and the newer ones are given for 5 or 10 years only now. Sad panda.

I don’t know if you’re still with me, the story is becoming a bit long, but I wanted to share it in details so you feel my pain and appreciate even more what’s coming next.

Documentary via TinyBlackBird 02

Synchronicity. It works

So not much damage, but the feeling is there. I’m not letting it go until the next morning when suddenly I accept the impermanence of things and let it go. The feelings for the wallet and the event, I mean. Here’s what happens next.

  • Anton gets me a new wallet. A grown up proper ladylike wallet. Yay!
  • I have a tingling little curiosity on day 3 to check Facebook messages, the “other” tab it is.
  • There is in fact a message. “We found your wallet tucked behind a wall in our building. We found you by your name on the driver’s license”. So it wasn’t tossed out and I still have a driver’s license! Yay to having changed a name a few years back. There are at least 30 people I used to share my last name with. As far as I know, there’s only one Olha Yohansen-Veselova out there. And yes, keep trusting your intuition.
  • That person’s office (where they found the wallet) is close to my parents office. They collected it on the same day.
  • Someone happened to be going through KL from Kiev next week (not a common destination, so it’s pure luck. Or better put, true synchronicity).

So yeah. Great it happened and ending so swiftly. Like the last year’s story – very swift. I feel blessed and I just had to share it with you as part of the learning – there had to be a lesson in it, right? One thing I don’t know though: is it a yearly thing now? Last “Documentary” happened precisely las November. I do certainly hope it’s not.

Take care guys. Be safe but do keep an open accepting mindset always. And remember that synchronicity is real. And never lose faith in humanity, ok?

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