Girls living in...

Girls Living in… Shanghai

July 3, 2014

Hiya folks! The Girls Living in.. interviews are receiving great feedback and this week I’m delighted to show you another vibrant city through the eyes of a very inspiring girl. Let’s look at Shanghai with Nat’s eyes!

Natalie and I have known each other for many years, back from the times when we were both working in one famous American chain restaurant wearing very funny hats and striped t-shirts for a uniform…

She then left for Shanghai and I was seriously considering moving there too, but then Germany happened, and this blog started and life turned out the way it is now.

Nat also came to visit me in KL, she was celebrating the 2013 with us (remember, I told you the story?) and I wanted to pay her a return visit and will probably do so next year. Especially after this interview. So read on, it’s Shanghai time!


So, Nat, what brings you to Shanghai?

I came to Shanghai in 2007 to visit my friend who was studying here and guess what…it was love at first sight :) So next year I moved to Shanghai and there weren’t even a single second that I regret my decision.

What do you do?

I teach in kindergarten, so my every single day is super fun and unpredictable. (And Nat is also a fashion blogger, apparently a shy one, so I’ll advertise for you ;-) – Olya)

What is your regular day in Shanghai like?

I always prefer to wake up early as I ALWAYS have so many things to do. and here we go:

coffee…work…woooork….coffee…WOOOORRRKKK..friends…more woooork…movies….restaurants….dancing…home….peace

But honestly, my days are all the same but so different:)

When it comes to Shanghai, what’s your number one favourite place to be?

Ouuuu…this turns out to be the most difficult question. I’m truly in love with Shanghai and have about dozen of my favourite places.

I enjoy to explore new hidden cafés, they all are so different and incredibly cozy at the same time. I love small alleys and big shopping malls, narrow streets of French Concession and the Bund, parks and gardens…Shanghai is truly a city with so many faces. But one of my favourite places would be Museum of Contemporary Art or simply MoCA – a place with great exhibitions hidden in People’s Park.

Shanghai’s best:

Cafe: It would definitely be “The Cottage Cafe” on Taojiang Rd. 25a which I discovered a couple of months ago. Super cute place with decent coffee and great atmosphere.

But for the best coffee in Shanghai I prefer to go to Cafe del Volcan on Yonkang Rd. It is super tiny, but believe me, totally worth it.

Shop: As I’m really into vintage so I would name the best vintage shops in Shanghai: Emporium, William the beekeeper (that unfortunately closed earlier this year – Olya), Lolo love vintage. Those are definitely the places to find something unique for a good price.

Secret hideout: Here comes my weird choice, but it would be small bamboo alley where I like to take pictures. It is hidden on a way to a Japanese cafe on Changle Rd. Nothing to special about it, but there is something about the light…and it is so peaceful…

Site: THE BUND. It is super tourist-y, but the view is just amazing. I love Bund in early mornings when Shanghai is just waking up and there are not so many people.

How are the people in Shanghai? Are they nice? Helpful? Do they speak English?

O wooooow, they are so different. To my biggest shame, here I met people from the countries I’ve never heard of. Shanghai is a super social city with great people. Sometimes it seems that I hear more English than Chinese around:) so dont’ be afraid to come here without knowing Chinese.

If I came to visit you in Shanghai for just one day, where would you take me?

To begin with, you are very welcome here!! And more than that, can’t wait to see you in SH. We will start with coffee, walk on the Bund, go to Yu Garden, eat lunch somewhere in Ferguson lane, check some galleries on Mogashan Rd., get lost on small streets of French Concession and finish our day in one of my favourite Thai or French restaurants. And if we still have any energy left, then get ready for salsa :)

If you had to leave Shanghai, what would you miss most?

It’s the definitely the atmosphere!


Any cons you found when living here?

What are the things to consider for someone who’s planning to move to Shanghai?

I moved to Shanghai 6 years ago and it was very different back then and the biggest problem for me was FOOD. But now, with so many options around, it is a blast!
If you move to Shanghai, do a serious research as there are much more options here than you can imagine….or contact me. I would always be glad to help.

You can follow this lovely lady on her Instagram

And don’t forget to check out Nat’s blog: City Love Fashion project

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