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Girls Living in… Melbourne

June 20, 2014

Hiya folks! Welcome to this month’s interview of “Girls living in..” This time I wanted to try something different and look for the city I haven’t visited yet. To be honest, this one made me seriously want to go check out this town – so yummy the pictures are.

Please meet my dear friend Lennise, who is a student in Melbourne. Lennise is a very positive, inspiring bright girl, she sings and plays ukulele and her beauty stops the cars on the streets ;-) Lennise shares all the secret spots of Melbourne, so let’s jump straight in.

Introduce yourself and where are you from?

Hello there! I’m Lennise. I grew up in one of the world’s finest metropolitan cities, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). As a typical Malaysian, my taste buds and I enjoy searching for great food. Apart from that, I love soaking up in cultures through music and art.

I’m currently in my final year at the University of Melbourne. I’m about to graduate with a degree in Commerce – majoring in Accounting and Management. Despite being in Melbourne for about two years now, this lovely city still has a lot to offer.

What is your regular day in Melbourne like?

Well, I do things differently during the weekdays and the weekends. So lets break it down:

Weekdays: I start my day off with some light meditation before heading for a run around Carlton Gardens – it’s about a five minutes jog from where I currently live. Then I rush back home and get ready for classes, which start about 10AM. As I have classes 3 days a week, the timing of my morning routine varies (some days I just like to sleep in).

After classes, I would grab lunch with my friends/cousins and devour it by the South Lawn (if the weather permits). Then I would head straight to the Law Library to get some work done. Depending on my workload, I would sometimes stay there until it closes. In between my work session, I’ll have a coffee run towards the café that’s just right outside of the building. On sunny days, I would bring my laptop and coffee to a bench table at University Square to carry on my work. usually end my weekday chilling at home or on special occasions, would hit the bars with some friends on Thursdays (it’s Ladies’ Night at Spice Market!). Fridays would give me a chance to explore the city’s nightlife – from visiting jazz bars to hitting the clubs around town.

Weekends: These are my recuperating days especially if I had a long Friday night. For a more chilled weekend, I would head to one of Melbourne’s many delicious brunch places – usually they’re around the city, as I’m a very lazy traveller. I would pop by to the library after to bond over with my books for a couple of solid hours. Later in the evening/night, I would catch a movie with friends or drop by at one of those café shops on Lygon Street for dessert and/or coffee.

When it comes to Melbourne, what’s your number one favourite place to be?

Work: The Law library for a great view overlooking University Square or to the Frank Tate building for a cozier study-feel.

Bar: Fall from Grace – it’s a bar with great music and a sliding bookshelf entrance.

Music: I haven’t been to many live-performing music scenes as I would’ve liked to but Paris Cat Jazz Club is on top of my list so

Eateries: Plenty. Mamacita is one of my top favorite restaurants. Chez Dre or St. Ali or The Grain Store or Proud Mary for brunch, depending on where I want to travel and how much am I willing to spend.

Melbourne’s best

Café: I’d go for St. Ali or Proud Mary. LOVE both their café atmosphere and their coffee is simply superb. But if you’re looking for somewhere within the CBD area, Flipboard café is never a letdown.

Shop: Hah! I’m not much of a shopper but Bourke Street has quite a number of lovely shops. But if you’re more into fashion boutique stores, I would recommend Chapel Street. For cheaper/sale items, I would travel to either of these two outlet stores: Harbor Town (Docklands) or DFO (South Wharf).

Secret hideout: During daylight, either the Loft balcony at Building 1888 or the System Garden – both located at the University of Melbourne. When night falls, Hihou Bar is the place to go.

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Site: National Gallery of Victoria is a must-go if you’re an art fan. Currently they are holding a showing of Italian Masterpieces from the Spain’s Royal Court. If you’re around Melbourne (or going to be) during this winter, do pop by for a splendid tour.

How are the people in Melbourne?

Quirky and perhaps interesting. They are quite friendly but you probably have to break the ice first. It might be different in the suburbs (I can’t tell cause I live in the city) but I reckon the city ‘Melbournites’ are more reserved.

If I came to visit you in Melbourne for just one day, where would you take me?

I made a schedule :)

Morning: Head to St. Ali or Proud Mary for brunch. If you’re a super early morning riser  (you sure you know me? ^_^ – Olya), I’ll take you to Mt. Dandenong for scones at Miss Marples.

Afternoon: Travel to South Melbourne market and have $1 for one oyster. Then chill around at South Wharf Promenade for the lovely view and a nice cuppa. If you wish to shop, the DFO outlet is just a 5-minute walk away.

Evening: Mamacita or Jinda Thai for dinner, depending on your preference. Then drinks at Fall from Grace or if there’s the rooftop cinema showing, head to the Rooftop Bar & Cinema for a nice movie underneath the stars.

Night: We’ll pop by the Supper Club for some drinks and have their famous sticky date pudding. It is also one of the best places to have smoke a cigar. Then we’ll end the night by strolling to Carlton Gardens to view its gorgeous fountain.

If you had to leave Melbourne, what would you miss most?

Definitely the coffee. Hands down, Melbourne has the best coffee culture in the world. Also their many secret bars/pubs.

Any cons you found when living here?

What are the things to consider for someone who’s planning to move to Melbourne?

It’s an expensive place to live in. I guess I might be slightly biased as I’m a student but survey studies have found that Melbourne is one of the top ten most expensive cities to live in. So my advice is to budget and do your research appropriately.

To check out more insider Melbourne pics, follow Lennise on her Instagram.

Hope you liked it and please share your favourite spots in Melbourne in the comments below. Share, like, spread the word. Until next time!

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